Separation hurts private between Fatelin and angelkitten

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  1. It had been two years when she gave up on her life and headed towards open road to find another place to live but left her twin brother behind. Back then she had to deal with her parents dieing and she had gone into depression now all that has changed. She had gone for help and her depressions lessened and now was gone due to medication she was taking right now. A phone call was sent to her finally about her brother saying he was in a mental hospital and how she might be able to help him. She packed up what little she had and headed towards back home and the adress that she was given from the nurses. Why did she have to leave? Hearing about her brother made her feel bad about leaving those two years ago but she had to.
  2. He paced the room to his room as unknown things spoke to him. Her brother covered his ears and closed his eyes trying to make sense of what mind he had left. He used to be able to block the voices out, but was not able to any longer.

    He had grown to not even caring for himself. His hair was long, and brushed only due to a nurse, and his nails trimmed so he would not claw at anyone or himself. He sighed being very anxious and alert today.

    The Doctors waited at the counter speaking amongst themselves only in whispers and riddles that the other staff members were aware of.

    Carts were pushed by nurses and guards tended the emotionless hall ways
  3. Sighing she parked the car near the front door hoping to not stay so long and wished she did not leave her brother like this. When she left a few years ago she had no idea that her brother was going to end up in a mental hospital and she did not want that to happen. She got out of the car and then locked the door by pressing the black button in her car. Slowly she walked to the front door and opened it she then started looking around for the front desk. Her eyes fell upon it and she started walking up towards it half hoping it was a joke and she would be sent home not knowing where her brother was. She waited for a doctor and then asked where her brother would be.
  4. The doctor simply turned over looking the girl. A sigh escaped his lips, as he then continued to speak. "Yes, Bradley is here. He has been under observation for some time now." he told her.

    He looked at her further, then down at his chart board. "He is in room 103. quite unique. He thinks he can speak to the dead, and tells us that spirits trick him. Bradley also thinks that the entire family is dead..." the doctor explained
  5. "Well our parents did die." She said sadly and then smiled thanking the doctor she went down the hallway where she was told to go where his room was. Taking a deep breath she didn't know if she should walk in, get a guard or knock so she decided on the third option. Lifting her hand she knocked three times on the door like she always did when she came to talk to Bradley. She waited for a few moments not knowing if he would be able to open the door if he didn't open it she would walk in.