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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.

The sun was finally setting on what had been a very long day for Sakura Musume. The bus had dropped the girls off at their hotel that was not too far from Tokyo Dome where they had a rather long concert. Amongst the girls was Mikoto, tired from a long day. She had really given it her all at the concert and danced her heart out. She also thought that she was seeing a bit of improvement from her previous performances and that made her proud.

Slowly she plodded out of the elevator as the doors slid opened and headed directly into her room. The back balcony had a beautiful view of Tokyo, all light up like it was and she could stand out there all night and look at it but she was schoolwork to focus on. As she closed the door to her room behind her and walked over to the desk where she had her books she decided that she might as well do it out on the balcony, what was the worst that could happen?

As she stepped out she noticed that her balcony was conjoined to the room next to hers. She wondered which of her fellow idols would be in that room, she hadn't had time to properly explore. She shook her head and sighed, her books called to her after all. She quickly sat down and opened her workbook, placing it on the little table that was there. Maybe I'll get a good look of those meteor showers that have been going on tonight...
Katsumi had just peeled of her denim jacket and tossed it onto the hotel bed when she heard something outside from the balcony. Assuming it was one of the other girls, she walked out to say hello and maybe chat a little. This was their downtime, after all, and she usually got so bored when they weren't busy performing or getting ready for another show. Stepping onto the balcony where she couild see the fabulous Tokyo nightime skyline, Katsumi saw that Mikoto was in the room next to hers. Perfect, she thought. The two of them usually got along pretty well, even though Mikki was slightly younger than her. Maybe they could do something together while they spent the night in this hotel.

"Hi, Mikki!" she called cheerily to her group-mate from across the balcony. "What're you up to?" she asked quizically, leaning over the balcony's rail to get a closer look. She saw what looked like homework, and was reminded she had some herself to do before the next show. "Oh. Homework? Yeach." Katsumi stuck out her tongue in disgust. She would rather not think about homework at that moment. She was still riding on the high from their show and couldn't bare the thought of having to sit down for anything. "I'll leave you to it, then."

Returning inside her room, Katsumi flopped down onto her bed next to her jacket, then turned over restlessly, pressing her face into the soft, downy covers and sighing. Maybe one of the other girls would feel like doing something? But she didn't know if they were in their rooms yet. Until she could find out, she would just have to wait, she supposed.
Akane had really given everything during the performance! It'd been such a long day, but it'd been so filled with stuff to do and energy that the keyboardist hadn't felt tired at all. She'd gone up with the other members of their group to the bedroom to dump her stuff on the bed and drag her hair up into a ponytail. To change into something more suited for running around at night rather than dancing around on the stage.

Then what would she do? The idol paced her room a bit, turned on the TV. Turned it off. She went to the balcony window and stared at the Tokyo scene, but it was just as boring! Sighing, the girl decided she just couldn't stand being around in the hotel room all alone. She could go see Mikoto, but the girl was so quiet and studious! Bor-ing!

Besides, who knew who was next door? Oh, it was like roulette! How fun! Akane bounced out of her room, picking the door next to hers and knocking on it about the same time Katsumi was wondering if anyone would want to do something. "Hellooo!" she called from the other side, jiggling the handle just to show impatience. "Lets do something fun! Like go find ice cream or take pictures with some cute boys!" she urged, not knowing it was Katsu -who was a bit awkward around boys - on the other side.

"Mikoto? Is it you? You should stop studying! It'll ruin your eye-sight," she guessed, and wrongly.
Miyuki was eager to get to her room, so she had wordlessly gone to it so she could relax. She felt tired from the show she put on with her band mates. They were always so energetic on stage; she wondered how long she could keep it up. The thought was quickly dismissed, though. Even thinking about leaving the group called for instant sadness. Sakura Musume meant everything to her!

Dressed in silk pajamas, she laid down on her bed, making a content sigh whilst staring at the ceiling. To her left was her hand-held video game. To her right was a plush of Godzilla. Miyuki was twenty-one years of age, yet youthful as ever. Nothing could ever make her stop loving her video games, man eating monsters and, of course, hats! When she got up next, she made a note to check out what head wear was available to her in this room.

Until then, she decided to play her game. She switched the device on and smiled as the screen lit up. The music was at a low volume, but still sang in a high pitch that could catch any passerby's attention. Dexterous fingers tapped at the buttons as she lay there to play, completely content in what she was doing.
As soon as she heard the voice outside, Katsumi sprang from the bed and raced over to the door. She flung it wide open and gave a delighted smile when she saw that it was Akane.

"Erm... Boys? I... don't know about that." She replied to Akane's latter suggestion. "But ice cream, yeah! Definitely."

Katsumi ran back into her room and grabbed her jacket from the bed. It wasn't particularly cool in Tokyo tonight, but still, she would feel uncomfortable without it, since she wore it nearly everywhere. Before heading outside, she bounced over to the balcony once again and called out to Mikoto. "Hey, we're going to get some ice cream, wanna come?"

Mikki probably wouldn't want to go as devoted as she usually was to her studies, but Katsumi figured she might want a break and that it was a good idea to invite her anyway, just to be nice. Not waiting for an answer, she dashed outside to join Akane, shutting the door behind her. As they made their way to the elevator, Katsumi started some casual chit chat.

"So, how do you think we did at the Tokyo Dome? I thought it was a great show!" Then it occurred to her they might want to invite the other member of the group." Hey, what say we check on Miyuki and see if she wants to go, too?"
Mikoto nearly jumped when she heard a voice coming from the balcony next to her, it was Katsumi. By the time she tried to respond about her doing homework the other girl had disappeared. With a frown she sighed, looking out across the skyline and at rainbow bridge nearby.

She turned her gaze back to her books as she studied a little bit more only to be interrupted again by Katsumi. "Oh ice cream? I-I'd love to go!" She cried out, quickly getting up and putting her books away, she wanted to study but she was only young once and she wanted to make sure to have fun with her friends. She wondered if they had got Miyuki in on the ice cream trip, so she took it on her own to go ask, quickly grabbing her bag and phone and stepping out the door, making sure to close it behind her and skipping over to Miyuki's room and knocking. "Yuyu-Sama! We're going out for ice cream! Do you want to come with?" Mikoto cried out, hoping she could hear over her video games.

Meanwhile, away from where the girls could see a small plush dog was delivered to Mikoto's room, assumed to be a fan gift, and it had cleared all the checks for safety. And on the rainbow bridge a meteor broke away from the meteor shower that had just started, anyone nearby would be able to hear a faint cry like a crazed animal from inside of it.
"Ice cream, huh?"

Mostly, she was just thinking out loud. That made it easier to concentrate on her video games. Pretty quickly, she found a stopping point so she could save her game, instantly sitting up afterward. The gaming device was set onto the bed before she stood up, grabbing one of the zip up jackets she had. The face of a penguin was colourfully stitched on the back, the jacket's colour a pretty light blue. Once she had that zipped up, she slipped on a pair of sandals sitting by the bed.

Ice cream did sound good; it was a favourite dessert of hers. Something about the cold was pleasant to her, be it weather or food.

Yuyu also had a hat to coordinate with her jacket. It was obviously a winter hat, knitted thickly for warmth, with big black eyes sewn in and a cotton stuffed beak. Black and white; the head of a penguin. While opening her door, she pulled the hat on, smiling to herself as she did.

"Let's go," she cooed, offering her hand to Mikoto. Then, her head turned, her eyes staring down the hallway. Something crashed outside. The noise was faint, but she still heard it...
Katsumi waited with Akane outside the elevator, giving the other two girls time to catch up. Leaning against the wall, she anxiously shuffled her fingers across the wallpaper, then gave here nails a thorough looking over to make sure nothing was stuck under them. She couldn't wait to get some ice cream. Katsumi always enjoyed those kind of treats which, unfortunately, she couldn't have too much of as an idol. Ice cream was good, but too much of it would be a bad thing, especially if it caused her to gain weight. She had to stay in tip-top shape, not only for appearances sake, but to be able to keep up with a demanding schedule and the rigors of performing on stage.

Just as she was contemplating what kind of ice cream she would be getting, Katsu thought she heard a crashing noise outside, although faintly, as though it were happening a good distance away. Turning to Akane, she wrinkled her brow and asked, "Did you hear that?"
Inugami, the plushie was more than he appeared, as he climbed out of his little box with his tail wagging. It was unfortunate that he had just missed the girls as they had decided to go out to get ice cream but he knew exactly where he was supposed to be headed, towards the sound of the alien disturbance. Checking that he had all of the Senshi wands he set out, hopping his way out to the balcony of Mikki's room. He wondered why they had put him there. It probably had something to do with her being the youngest and therefor the most likely to enjoy him as a toy. He ignored the thought and hopped between the bars and plummeted to the road far below, landing on the roof of a taxi and somehow managing to hold onto the smooth metal surface.

As the taxi headed towards the bridge he readied himself. The driver seemed to slow down as he saw the meteor with it's mysterious blue-green glow but sped on as he got his looks in. It was when the driver had slowed down that Inugami got the chance to get down. He hopped off the taxi and landed with a thwump on the pavement. Now all that was left was for him to wait for the first girl to appear, the one that would get her powers.