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  1. When writing speculative fiction, authors often come upon situations where they must explain things that do not exist in a way that the reader can understand them. This is not unlike trying to explain color to someone who cannot see or sound to one who can’t hear. You have things to reference, but doing so is not an easy transition. Sometimes, trying to describe things from an unfamiliar perspective is one of the most difficult parts of writing.

    This exercise is to take one sense and write about it as though it is newly awakened. Your character can suddenly see, or perhaps taste or hear, for the first time ever. They may or may not have a guide to help them understand what they see. Describe the scene around them for the first time using that sense.
  2. I'ma give this a try and describe a point in my Pokemon Trainer OC Kira's life in where he achieves a level of understanding between himself and Pokemon.-

    The events of Giant Chasm weighed heavily on my mind as I sat down in Undella Town's Pokecenter. Ok, let me explain: that asshat Ghetsis somehow managed to take control of Kyurem and cause a shitstorm of problems for me, N, and Hilbert.

    For starters: Ghetsis placed the stolen Gene Splicers into Kyurem and it did some strange ability to force Reshiram into it's sealed form - a white orb -. Then, Kyurem absorbed the white orb and transformed into it's White form. N was useless at the moment, so it was up to me and Hilbert - who volunteered to deal with the newly powered up W-Kyurem - which left me with deal with N's surrogate father who's an overall asshole.

    I had no idea why but I felt downright pissed at the fact that this old fuck still wants to rule Unova and went to freezing entire cities to further his plans. He had the gall to say that pokemon were slaves. Suffice to say, if anyone refers to pokemon as slaves in my presence they'd have to deal with not only me but any of my partners at the time.

    Back to recollecting: when Ghetsis went on his whole spiel that he would be Unova's rightful ruler and said that pokemon were only mere tools, all of my pokemon let themselves out of their pokeballs.

    Hotaru Bi - my shiny Butterfree, partner since day one. Samurott - my starter from this region. Chandelure - started from a Litwick I caught. Braviary - one who I kept seeing since I started my Unova adventure. Flygon - the first Dragon/Ground type I caught. Lancelot - my Lucario I caught in my Sinnoh adventure. All of them were downright pissed off and an aura of power reflecting their types surrounding them.

    All Ghetsis did was laugh at this and said I should have a better handle over my 'partners' (he actually said tools). My partners had all said one thing between themselves - and somehow, I heard it too. 'We will not let any harm befall our friend!' It made me smile.

    Friend...I always thought of my pokemon as my friend. Closing my eyes, I went over my journeys with the friends I made. "Yes." Slowly, I opened my eyes. Everything stopped as everyone looked in my direction. Ghetsis took a step back as his eyes locked with mine.

    Suddenly, I could sense the emotions of everything around me. N was rather shocked but parts of him was worried about Reshiram. Hilbert was confused but was curious about what was going on. W-Kyruem...for being an empty boundary being, it was SCARED. And Ghetsis? He was a combo of afraid and furious. Afraid that something might fuck up his plans and furious that I awakened an ability similar to N.

    My eyes processed the turn of events at a unknown pace. Every tiny detail, every speck of dirt, the flow of wind itself, the ripples of water in the nearby lakes some ways behind me. It felt like I understood my place in this world...
  3. What is going on here? As I awoken, a flurry of colors erupted in front of me. Not like the usual void of which I'm used to, but alas the options laid bare before me were astonishing and breath taking to behold! The normal smells and sounds surround me from my room, but I never knew what it looked like. Getting dizzy from the sudden realization of this, I close my eyes to calm down.

    A cool breeze wafts past me as I realize the window was open, as such my eyes open. Staring at the shape, I never knew what the color meant until now, tears start erupting as I get up to close the window. I rub my eyes to wipe away the tears only to notice I myself have color as well! I have heard from others about colors and that everything has them, but to actually see them is another thing entirely! I slowly walk towards the window, now noticing the sun's gaze, and close it.

    Looking outside was probably a bad decision, but I did it anyway. The bright circle in the sky, which I noticed has a hue for the first time, was a blinding rush of colors! Averting my vision, I saw trees, cars, other people, and even the road! Seeing all of this must have been too much, as I apparently passed out from it. The next thing I knew, I was in the hospital and had people asking me what happened. I opened my eyes to answer them, but as I lay there bewildered, I could not see what was going on around me, until someone removed the mask hindering me from seeing.

    As I lay there half naked wearing a dull hospital garment, I see a person there with a bright outfit above me with a very bright light in one hand which must be a flashlight. He tells me that my rods and cones have aligned correctly somehow, and now I can see. My excitement and wonder cannot be expressed in words as look around in awe of the vibrant scene I could only have imagined previous. People of various sizes and clothes would walk around outside the window, which I would sit and watch as they did. I am enamored with my new gift and want to see more!

    This was my attempt at this.
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