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  1. S E N P A I
    O F F I C I A L T H R E A D


    All I ask from you guys is to have at least proper grammar, and post with at least 3 or 4 paragraphs (In the mid of the RP though, you can start posting less since it's more relaxed now). I just find roleplaying more fun and interesting with people that has similar writing style as me! And to warn--I'm extremely picky. If there's something that I said you don't like, please tell me. I'm an ass and I would like to be called out if I offended you. Now that's said..

    • Fandoms: I'm into Dragon Age and Mass Effect currently! But you can suggest more, though I may or may not be interested.
    • Sci-fi/Futuristic (Not interested in currently, unless a plot is presented)
    • Highschool? Maybe with some twist.
    • 1950's New York style (I have an idea for this!)
    • James Bond (with OC's but some mainstream characters mentioned)
    • Anime is all right with me, but I will be less interested.
    • Dystopian Society (Not interested in currently)
    • Fantasy
    • Supernatural
    • Noir

    • I'm not really into the whole R18 kissing business. It makes me uncomfortable, especially if we don't know each other too well. So I don't want the mature content to be overdone!
    • Please be nice! You don't have to be the sweetest person on earth, but I do like polite people.
    • Share your thoughts! I don't want to plan anything all by myself, I want to know what you think so this PRP can be fun for the both of us
    • Like I said from above, no one liners! It doesn't have to be an essay or anything, but I do appreciate effort. I promise I'll do the same.
    • I will tell you when I'm not interested anymore or not post anymore (Feel free to call me out on this. It may be that I'm not interested in posting, I'm just busy) or if I feel uncomfortable with your post. I don't mind if you do the same with me, since that's only fair!
    • I rarely do MxF!! There's a slim chance that I feel like doing a hetero pairing.
    • Have fun!!

    Currently I can't think of any other ideas, but I do have songs that may inspire some of you?? Here are the following:

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  2. *waves* I will rp with you ^-^
  3. Awesome!! Which idea are you interested in?
  4. Hmm we could do a sci fi/ futuristic or an anime based one ^^
  5. Currently, I can't think of any sci-fi/futuristic idea, so it'd be awesome if you have an idea in mind! For anime though, I'm totally up for it :D
  6. Awesome! What animes do you like? ^^
  7. Hmm, lemme think... it's been awhile since I watched anime
    I've watched Free!, SNK, Kill La Kill, Haikyuu!!, and err I think that's it. Wow...I realized that's pretty limited LOL

    How about you? :o
  8. O.O oh my god I just realized your profile pic in of MuShiShi!!

    Hmm my anime list is a bit larger than yours haha

    Soul Eater
    Sengoku Basara
    Innocent Venus
    Sword Art Online
    Darker Than Black
    Wolfs Rain

    I can go on XP
  9. !!! Really??
    That's awesome omfg

    Ooh, I know Soul Eater! And I think I've heard of SAO before.
  10. I love SAO I am a tad over Soul Eater at the moment though
  11. Same here LOL, Soul Eater was more of a pre-teen memory to me.
    I don't know too much about SAO, but I like the concept. It's about people getting trapped in a game, right?
  12. yes it is ^^ I am only on season one of SAO
  13. Which episode?
    I only watched one and then lost interest...//sweats
  14. Like the first five episodes XD
  15. PFFT
    So yeah, SAO it is? Or should we do another thing
  16. hmm we could do something else if you like or use the story concept of SAO and make our own characters in a similar situation.
  17. I don't know too much about SAO and honestly, I'm not too into it.

    Maybe we can play a Modern Fantasy kind of thing? :0
  18. <3 Sure modern fantasy works ^^
  19. Let's take this to the PM!!
  20. I'd love to do the 1950's New York style roleplay!
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