Semi-realistic Wolf Roleplay

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  1. Another wolf roleplay. So original, I know. But I had a crazy idea that they have wings,, like the Russian fairy tail. And, for a plot, why not Baba Yaga, the witch? Other than wings, witches, and chicken-houses, it'll be slightly realistic. If you don't know about body language and stuff, (which is good to know to rp a wolf best) here's some info:
    Body language
    Dominant: Ears forward, tail up, straight posture
    Aggressive: Kind of obvious; ears sticking out on the sides, teeth showing, head pointing at the offending object
    Submissive: Tail between the legs slightly, hunched over a little, head facing the dominant wolf with neck exposed just enough to be killed
    More submissive: Tail very low, neck straight up
    Extremely submissive: Lying on back, with feet positioned so the dominant wolf could easily kill by biting the neck or stomach
    Alert: Tail straight forward, ears side-to-side, crouched slightly
    These are the ones I've used the most, and are most likely to be seen in a rp.
    Looking at and participating in other wolf rps, I've noticed there are all those useless ranks, and wolves seem to only know one. There are things like warriors and hunters, but a warrior is just a hunter that hunts other wolves, and wolves instinctively know how to hunt. Healers do nothing unless someone is injured. In real life, the purpose of a pack is to make hunting easier, and the wolves are usually related, though others can be accepted in a pack.
    Alpha: The alpha can be male or female, and they are the boss. They choose the territory, mark it, and they are the only one to have a mate, other than the chosen mate. In this roleplay, they will organize hunts and lead the other wolves in battle, they also set new rules, decide where to go, decide the solution to a problem, set punishments, and pretty much everything important. In real life, some wolves are born with a gene to make them more aggressive, which leads to them leaving and starting a pack.
    Alpha's mate: Always the opposite gender of the alpha. (Duh.......) The only difference they have from normal pack members is they, well.......... you know..........
    Normal members: They are usually the alpha's pups, but other wolves can be accepted. They help in hunts and battles, and if a wolf knows how to heal or something similar, they do so only as needed, not as a permanent rank. They don't mate for obvious reasons.
    Omega: The omega is usually the smallest and most docile. They are last to eat and are usually snapped at and picked on. They care for the pups when the alpha and alpha's mate are hunting.
    Okay, you know it has winged wolves and Baba Yaga, but there's more to it. (By the way, you don't have to know the stories with the witch or the wolves) There are two packs, (Pack 1 and Pack 2 for now) which have pretty much been neutral. The territories weren't so well placed, they're barely a mile apart. Well, Baba Yaga, for her own reasons, wants to destroy the population of winged wolves. So the two packs have to do something, don't they? I'm leaving most of this up to the roleplayers so they can affect things more.

    Wolf species:
    Appearance: (Preferably, but not required, a natural pelt, and no armor since wolves don't have thumbs to make or use it.)
    Pack: (1 or 2)
    Elements: (Maximum of three, it's so they can stand a chance against a witch.)
    Name: Ginger
    Species: Grey wolf
    [​IMG]A normal grey wolf, except with a 25 foot wingspan.
    Gender: female
    Pack: 1
    Rank: Alpha
    Elements: Fire, water, and life
    I glided along the territory, savoring the morning breeze. It was just dawn. I flew against the wind, trying to catch the scent of prey. I went across the borders, looking. I saw a house. That wasn't there yesterday.... I thought. It seemed to be moving. I dipped a bit lower, and made out a giant rooster head on top. The fence on the porch was made of bones, and with each step, I glimpsed the edges of chickens' toes.​
  2. Name: Moose
    Wolf species: Interior Alaskan
    Appearance: interior_alaskan_wolf.jpg wing span of 7.5 foot
    Gender: male
    Pack: 1
    Rank: Omega
    Element: Fire, Water, lightening (I think that classifies as an element)

    Moose walked back and forth nervously as he awaited the Alpha to return, he was nervous and hated to be alone. He flexed his wings and on occasion he'd glance at the sky "Where are you!?" He whimpers.
  3. I swooped back up, and sped off to the territory. 5 miles later, about three minutes, I landed next to Moose, the Omega. Though only an Omega, he was the only around, and all needed to be warned. I didn't know exactly what to do, either, and everyone was entitled to help. "Moose, I saw Baba Yaga's house."
  4. "WHAT!?" he yelped frighten as he started to tremble "How far away, if I may ask?" He knew the dangers of the Baba Yaga and that they were much stronger than other witches.
  5. "Well, we don't know what she's coming for, she could just be traveling. She's about 5 miles away from the East Border, but her house is slow. We should go see what she's up to."
  6. Moose hated that line, but he couldn't disrespect his Alpha "Okay, Alpha." He whimpers and he flexed out his wings he flapped them powerfully beating them against the winds.

    "I...I hope the Baba Yaga doesn't have a taste for our kind..." he squeaks.
  7. We flew off towards the East, about ten minutes, and we had crossed the territory's border. Three minutes later I could see the house on chicken legs lumbering forward, the rooster's head on top looking around constantly. I saw another winged wolf from the other pack swoop down near the window to investigate. There was a flash of lightning, striking the wolf, who ignited in magical quick-burning fire. He fell to the ground, still burning, until it was just a skeleton and some shriveled organs.
  8. "Wasn't that Silver? Poor soul...." Moose mumbled he flew somewhat closer but kept at a safe distance, he looked over at Ginger "Should I um...try and get a glimpse inside?" He asked, as he tried to keep his mind on the mission and not the dead wolf below.
  9. "No, Baba Yaga obviously intends to kill us, otherwise she'd probably have left the wolf alone."
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