Semi-Premade Band RP

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Which band name?

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  1. Band member appearance, name, and instrument would be decided already. I can make a full character if you want me to. The style they're going to play is oldschool punk (Sex Pistols, The Adicts) and melodic hardcore (AFI, The Lawrence Arms). It'd be about them starting their band in high school, learning their instruments, growing in popularity, and how their relationships change. Would anybody be interested in this?
    Any character that isn't one of the four band members would be an NPC and thus controlled by whoever needed them.

    If there's enough interest I'll create a thread in Modern Roleplays.
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  2. Here's what the band would look like and some more info in case that helps people Band.jpg
    From left to right: Aiden - lead vocals and guitar, Lily - guitar and backup vocals, Mary - drums, Grace - bass

    I plan on playing Grace if it gets started.
  3. At what level would you like this to be? Would there be a rough planned route for the plot to go or would this be more along the line of a mini sandbox?

    I may be interested, and Mary look the cutest to me, so kinda-dibs! :3
  4. If by level you mean "Posting expectations" probably either Beginner or Elementary, if not would you mind explaining? I was thinking more sandbox with a plotting thread and some private plotting allowed between players.
  5. Yes, that's what I meant, I just forgot the correct term. Thanks for answering!
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  6. not a problem, thanks for showing your interest ^_^
  7. As you know I'm keen to join ^-^
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