Self Created Hell

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  1. Your character is the heir to a throne and is just gaining interest in the kingdom he is going to take over. Being shown around by his father, he is surprised to find that the head of the royal hunters is a woman. Bothered by this fact, he asks her all types of questions and is very confused, having only been around the perfectly poised and powdered nosed ladies his entire life. Unfortunately, this hunter takes offense to his words and they start off on the wrong foot. The two are not the greatest of acquaintances in the weeks after their first meeting, to which the king finds slightly comical.

    Then disaster strikes, at least in the royal family's eyes. Neighboring kingdoms are coming for a party and your character has not even picked a woman to be wed to. Your character expresses how he does not wish to marry now, despite the fact that he should have a wife and child by this time, and his father agrees to think of something to help him avoid the awful mess of marriage conversations that would be in store for all of them.

    So he takes the head hunter, whips her into a dress, and tells his son to say she is his girlfriend from a far away land that hasn't been able to visit in a long while. Whether it to be as a cruel joke or pure desperation, your character eventually gives in. Thus beginning the two weeks of hell.

    Or maybe not.

    Looking for someone to play the prince. I will be the head hunter woman. Looking for someone willing to share their own ideas and reply with three or more sentences to the roleplay. I am aiming for this to be slightly comical, with the pair slowly falling for one another and violence.
  2. Yeah I'm interested :3 sounds good pm me!
  3. Oh my.. This sounds thrilling! I think I may be interested.
  4. Great! I will send you a private message.
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