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  1. Name: Yui
    Age: 18
    Personality: She is always up for fun. She doesn't take things so Seriously. She's always happy and willing to do anything for her master.
    Power: Super strength and cat like reflects. Close combat.

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    Name: Amariƫ
    Personality: She is a cold hearted bitch. She doesn't like many people and she thinks that people should bow down to her. She is childish and throws little temperatures when she doesn't get what she wants. She is very skilled in so many things. People tell her her personality dose not fit her age.
    Power: She uses magic. I guess you can saw she's like a witch. Long range combat.
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  2. Name: Will Agora
    age: 18
    personality: Will is a kind and caring man even if he is a bit stubborn. He refuses to let anyone protect him while he sits on the sidelines. He doesn't like being told that he cannot do something and will do anything that he can to prove that otherwise.

  3. Will was walking around town one day wearing his favorite grey jacket with a red shirt underneath and a pair of blue jeans. He sighed to himself and shook his head. Once again he had been denied the job he had been going for. He was currently in college but he was running out of money to pay for his classes and if he couldn't get more soon he would have to drop out. that was the last thing he wanted to do. He shook his head again and sighed and rubbed his eyes "I need money..and I need it fast..but no one is hiring me..what the hell can I do?" He looks up at the sky as he walks as if hoping the answer would just drop in on him. He shook his head and then turned his attention ahead of himself again. Best thing he could do at the moment was go back to the help wanted section of the newspaper and hope he could find something there.
  4. ( doing Yui first)
    10 Sekires are being sent to the human world for a big battle. Yui was number 4. She was so happy she just jumps down to earth....she forgot she can't fly. " OH CRAP....THIS IS GANNA HURT SO MUCH....HEY...HEY. GET THE HECK OUT THE WAY!!" She yells
  5. Will stops when he hears someone screaming. He turns and looks around and then pauses when he doesn't see anyone. So he looks up and his eyes go as wide as dinner plates when he sees a girl falling from the sky. He looks around quickly and then holds his hands up as she crashes into him and they both fall to the ground "oh...god..that..hurt..."
  6. Yui falls on top of him. She wakes up and realizes she has fallen on someone." Oh my so sorry..are you ok myu?!" Yui asked petting him to see if he was ok. Her tail moved back and forth.
  7. He groans a bit and reaches up and holds his head. When he realized someone was petting him he opened his eyes to look at her and blushed a bit at how cute she was. He shook his head and swallowed hard as he slowly sat up " I'm ok. don't worry about it. It's ok." What was he talking about? it wasn't every day a pretty girl falls from the sky and lands on top of him. What was going on?
  8. Yui smiled happily and her ears twitched. " ohh thank god...i got so worried I thought I killed you. Well I'm Yui its nice to meet you!!" she gave him a kiss on the cheek.
  9. He blushes a bit and rubs the back of his head. He glances at her ears before he stands up and looks at her "um..Will..its..nice to meet you just happened? I just fell out of the sky
  10. She smiled at him. " well right now isn't the best time to explain is there somewhere we can go??"
  11. He rubs his eyes and shakes his head "the..the only place I can think of is my home but..why are you coming with me exactly?.."
  12. Yui smiled at him, she had this funny feeling in her body. She new something was different about him. " because....ill explain there. Myu!" She said
  13. He sighs a bit and rubs his eyes before nodding "alright then...let's go it's a shirt walk from here so we don't have to go far
  14. Yui smiled happily as they walked to his place. There was a burning sensation in her chest, she started to pant a little. She had no clue on why this was happening, it grow as she looked at him. He was making her feel this way, why she Finley realized. Once they got home she explained everything to him.
  15. he didn't say much during the walk home his hands just stayed in his pockets as he tried to figure out what was going on. Even after she explained it all to him he still couldn't believe a word of it " your..telling me that your basically an alien? And you..need..a partner called an ashikabi?"
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