Seihou The Panda Hero is Here!!

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  1. *What do you prefer to be called?*

    Uuuum Hi! I would like to be called Seihou, Sei, Panda, or Panda Hero please :3

    *Boy, girl, or a mystery?*

    I am a Girl.

    *How old are you?*

    I am fifteen. Yaaaay I'm a young person!

    *Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?*

    I'm very new to this awesome site, but not to roleplaying! I'm coming here from RolePlayerGuild, because apparently its dying!!! D:
    I was known as TacoNinja over there

    *Do you like group Roleplays or just a single partner?*

    I like both, but it really depends. I'm more used to just one-on-one rps though.

    My best friend brought me here. She's Bexasaurus. Please treat her kindly, she's awesome!!

    And I like new friends, come talk to me! :D and if you're an old friend, still come talk to me!
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  2. @Seihou
    We haven't glomped in a while, huh...
  3. @Bexasaurus
    *glomps back* I know D: We need to glomp more!
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  4. @Seihou
    Ohhhh~ I remember that avatar. (not going to say her name) Made each of us one right?
  5. @Bexasaurus
    Yup! I still have yours, mom's and her's! They're all on my phone :3
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  6. @Seihou
    You should send it to me on skype or something laters. orz
    Well, shall we go make a thread to chat in to plan our rp?
  7. Hallo Seihou! ^o^ Welcome to the siiiiiite!
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