Seeking Writing Partners Of Extreme Caliber!

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  1. Please, alas do not let the title fool you. I just, I simply want to collaborate with those who are better than me. Which in truth is most. I would admit that the last time I took my grammatical presence serious was 2009. Since then I have fallen off my creative outlets, and into a deep 6 years of horrid depression, but I am back.. I hope.

    I am looking for a dedicated, and often available writing partner who is motivated and hopefully extremely crafty with really bringing home the feels in a scene. I do have pre-planned ideas, well one of them. I try not to multi-task to much. But, for now I need to find someone who can push past the *Astriks* and deeper into character and plot development.

    I want a cooperative novel writer, please, please anyone...


    If you think my grammar is horrible, and I need to hang it up. You are who I want, someone to push me, to desire a higher standard.
  2. I'd like to see your plot idea. There are two things I should note:
    1. I only role play on the forum. No pm or email RPing.
    2. I can only post a couple times a week. I'd rather take my time writing a well thought out story than rushing a shitty post.

    If you are okay with this, let me know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.