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  1. Hello,

    It's been some time since I've sought another partner so I apologize as I'm a bit rusty and nervous about it. I know that it's not really suggested we "play the same character" for every game we play, but I'm only really involved in one role play on here with this character and frankly, he needs more friends. He is lonely.

    I'm not looking for a romantic story. Just a fun platonic one. I don't really have any plot ideas so I am open to any plot ideas, for sure. I'm cool with group rps, one on ones, chats. Let me know what you prefer.

    He is very lonely so a little bit of regularity would be beneficial.

    I would appreciate consideration. Thank you.
  2. I may be interested in this o: I too kind of have a problem with recycling characters and have a lady who could use a friend in her escapades. She is supernatural (half demon) but can fit fine into the normal world, I actually find that I enjoy that dichotomy lately. What do you think?
  3. Seeking to expand a character's backstory? I recycle characters as well and probably have one that can fit yours. I usually don't do 1-1s, but if it's platonic I'll give it a try.
  4. I'm definitely interested! Have you got any plot ideas in mind at all? Unfortunately that's where I'm a little weak in skill.
  5. Well not so much his backstory as that's already quite complex, but mainly I suppose to help him get a new start, move on and stuff. I'm also not opposed to group role plays so if you have any ideas or know anyone else that might be interested in pulling together a story that's fine too.
  6. Well I do to a point. I tend to have characters and then sort of make up plot as I go. Having Kristie as a half demon thief making her way around the normal world gives me a lot of potential ideas. She could be on the run from government agencies. She could be a random person that shows up just a bit too often around thefts and he gets suspicious. We can even go the classic 'she get's injured/sick and is rescued' thing. Or just kind of go and see what happens, he could just randomly see her in her neko form.
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  7. I like all of those ideas! Matt gets sticky fingers sometimes too, though not lately. Ooh and I like the government one too because he's into conspiracy theories.
  8. Oho, well that makes things more interesting. We can throw a little bit of everything in there and get one plot of amazingness muwhahaha. Tomorrow. I honestly should have been in bed a half hour ago *waves* I shall ponder and sleep and then we can collaborate
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  9. Sounds great!
  10. Alright so, depending on how quickly you want big plot points to start I figured we can start with him noticing her around too many thefts, maybe based around a computer shop because she's a bit of a techie and he starts wondering and when he tries to check her out he finds her in some circumstance where she is in her neko form and at some point after that we bring in the government looking for people like her?
  11. Ahhh~~~ perfect perfect yess. Do you want to do a starter post? Or shall I? I've got some errands I need to run so I won't be able to get to it until a bit later otherwise.
  12. Well I am currently at work for another 6 hours so a big starter post I'd a bit out of my league via phone. So it's probably best if you start it unless you don't mind waiting until I'm off work
  13. Waiting is fine, actually. I think we are in quite different time zones XD but that's okay. I'm perfectly patient. but I could start it too. Actually why don't I. I shall be back with a linky.
  14. I'm in pacific time.
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  15. Ah I am unsure what category to put this in and now my medication is making me sleepy and my writing ability is weaning. I will see what I can come up with tomorrow morning :3
  16. Since we're not doing anything too crazy putting this in onexone would probably be fine. If you're still having problems I can pop an intro out when i'm off work tonight. It's not so much that we're too different time zones (probably) as I work an evening shift ^^;; I am PST time as well
  17. Cool cool, I shall spit something out after I get off work ^^
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  18. Kk knowing im a little late is at all possible i use one of my characters hes a con artist hes kind of a consultant in some cases with the fbi hes not completely sane or nice kinda douchey?
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  19. Yes. We can set something up absolutely.
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