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  1. So I have an idea that I really would like to try out. I got the idea from a book I had been reading and really like the concept. I am looking for someone to play the male character in this idea. What I'm giving you is just a rough outline of the idea, we can work into greater details of things we'd like to have happen or things that would be really cool to have. Roles of who does what can be switched around as well. This is just the setting for the story. I'd like it where one character knows they have the super human gene and the second person doesn't know they have it. Then something happens and one is saving the other and the government is now after them both to get their hands on their blood. Knowing they won't last on their own the character who doesn't really know what is going on agrees to go with the person who does.

    It was going to be the 50th anniversary since the destruction that came with the creation of the Superhuman gene. It made people smarter, faster, stronger, and able to use more and more of their brain as the gene progressed. When they first introduced the gene everything seemed to go well until the test subjects started progressing and began to turn rabid and insane. They turned into monsters, growing four to five times their average height, the strength of 30 men, the brain capacity of a super computer, growing mental abilities in some subjects, and the could reach and keep the average speed of a cheetah for longer and longer period of time. The tests subjects went and destroyed the lab. The government sent in elite Soldiers to wipe them out. The project continued, hundreds of people were tested and destroyed because of this super gene. One of the last times they tried they thought they had perfected it with one subject in an aerosolize form. The subject didn't seem to go insane, and showed very good signs of responsiveness and complaisances.

    On Friday October 17 1965 their test subject released the aerosol gene into the air and it spread like wildfire into the general populous. People were slowly going mad and rabid like the beginning subjects. The governments all over the world had no choice but to do a mass cleansing. Millions were wiped out, and people were tested constantly to make sure that future generations didn't possess the gene. An anti gene was created and administered to all newborns, and anyone who wasn't effected by the gene to be on the safe side. 50 years had gone by since then and history still knows of the tragedy that happened back then. But there were those who were immune to the anti-gene and took in bits of the super gene that made them hardly noticeable in their growing powers but they were growing.

    But could everything truly be a lie.....

    So yeah, above is an idea i'd really like, I'm looking for someone to play the guy since I really only play female characters. If you want to do something else I'm open to ideas.
  2. I am really interested in this and would really like to try it out I have no problem being the guy! Would we be using anime or real I prefer real but anime is fine as well. I like to see what the characters are supposed to look like.
  3. I would say real most likely. I don't think I could see it being done anime style. I'm glad your interested and would you like to do this in the forms or private message?
  5. Hello,
    I have read up and I like the idea.
    I see that you may possibly already have a partner here.
    If this Rp is still going on then maybe we could work out some other RP.
    I like the style of this and would be very happy to see what else you can come up with.
    If it isn't moving along, I would happily take the place of your partner.
    Thank you for reading.
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