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  1. I'm mostly open for any genres to try, but I really really love me some horror, supernatural, romance and action genres, or even throw them in together in a mix! Science fantasy is also a genre I'm starting to like.

    As for Liberteen roleplay, I like it, but we don't have to do it. Romance is a plot candy of mine, a well-developed, built-up relationship is what I love best. I'm fine with either yaoi or yuri, but I have more experience with yuri than yaoi.

    Oh, and I'm also open for fandom roleplays - mostly in the Anime category. I'd love to try a Sword Art Online one x one, and I've had experience roleplaying the Vampire Knight 'verse and doing some worldbuilding for it, not really focusing on the main characters but more oc-centric. :) Basically I like putting original character's in anime fandoms not to interact with the canons, but to explore the world's settings with other original characters.

    And and I want to try a one x one roleplay for the anime Another before I create a group roleplay thread.

    The writing levels I'd like to roleplay with would be: Intermediate, Adept, and Advanced. I'm adaptable to all three, and would be willing to switch or tone down something if the situation calls for it.

    Note: I'd like a partner I can roleplay comfortably with, I don't want either of us to lose too much sleep or have trouble with the timezone differences. My time zone is GMT +8. Also, I don't have much experience - or interest in - Furry, or Anthropomorphic.

    Here is my writing sample from a roleplay I am currently in, a Fandom roleplay IB: The Guertena Art Gallery.

    Writing Sample (open)

    © Hanako-san
    "... I'll be fine, Father," a soft voice slipped from pale lips, the girl's brows furrowing slightly in frustration as she ran her hands over the thick coat she was bundled up in. The coat was black, and the inside was lined with soft, silken smooth fur, something Liliane had to admit she liked the feel of, especially since she was wearing a black dress with thin straps, reaching just above her knees.

    But still... It felt rather excessive. A red silk scarf adorned her neck, her pale petal-pink hair, almost white from the top, looking even paler against the rich dark fabrics. Her skin looked almost moon pale, and her lips seemed to lack some color. And both her parents stood on either side of her, making her look - and feel, even smaller and frailer than she liked. She was ill, but it wasn't that bad... It wasn't... She was fifteen, she wasn't just a little doll that would break. Despite her appearance.

    Her father knelt down and firmly put his hands on her shoulders, staring at her in the eye. "Now, Liliane, I know we rarely allow you to get out." He saw her lips tighten slightly and her eyes glance to the side, the small girl choosing not to say anything. The tall man sighed and gently cupped her chin. "I know, my sweet daughter... But we will trust you on this. Mama and I will keep some distance away from you and let you enjoy yourself."

    Soft apple-red eyes darted to stare back into her father's brown ones, widening slightly. Really? Her father smiled a little at seeing the silent question in her face, and she flushed, a soft, barely there pink tint rising to her porcelain cheeks. Her parents' knowing looks always managed to irritate her and somehow make her feel warmer at the same time.

    They were going to let her - in a way, explore this art exhibit by herself... They were going to let her... A small smile curved the edges of her mouth despite herself, as she held onto her father's arm with one gloved hand, squeezing slightly, before she turned and nodded to her mother. She heard their slight chuckles, always with that slight sadness to it that she tried to ignore, as she walked off. They had already gone to the desk earlier, and now she wanted to see what this exhibit had to offer.

    There were many things, strange, beautiful, exotic and interesting - some same at once - and there were also the bizarre ones. She had never seen such a large, nerve-poundingly lifelike painting of a large, deep sea fish, something she had only seen in books. She looked at it, almost tempted to lean over the separator. The dark blue deepening into black depths... She wanted to see more. Somehow, she felt like her life was like that - she didn't know a lot of things, despite having all the books she could read at her home...

    Liliane paused upon a painting of a little girl, coming to a stop beside another gallery visitor. A pale little girl that almost reminded her of herself... "How morbid..." she quietly murmured both about her own thoughts and about the painting, staring at the lone bruised eye, then the skeletal hand and nose, the completely white cheeks. She traced a finger upon the girl's painted cheek, under her single eye, fleetingly, a gentle caress. Her lashes lowered over her eyes for a moment. "The feeling of being sick... And not being able to do anything about it..." That was the feeling she got from this painting. Perhaps this girl had a story of herself, maybe she was painted after someone in real life that passed away from illness... A young life forever gone because of the sick taint on it...

    She moved away from the painting and continued on, looking for anything that would catch her eye. An elf girl with a cheery background and a happy smile. She moved towards it, and stared. After a few moments, a slight discomfit passed through her usually soft and calm features, a slight tightening in her gut. The shadow... She thought with a slight shudder on the inside. Did no one notice this?She would never forget the dark implications she could feel just underneath, with that shadow and its wide grin behind the seemingly innocently smiling elfin girl. Were those spots of red she could see? "... Lovely." She murmured, not finishing the sentence. She would have added, Getting uncomfortable by a painting like this of all things...

    Please just PM me or post a reply in this thread if you're interested! I'd be happy to discuss something to try with you. ^^
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  2. I like Libertine stuff aswell. FxF?
  3. Not sure what GMT+8 means in regard to timezone but i'm on during most of my downtime which is a lot at the moment... also i have a sausy sailor girl idea ive been dying to try
  4. @daemon_reaver Thanks for reading and replying to this ^^ I'm open to Libertine stuff as well, and sure! I like FxF :) Tell me what you want to try in PM's.

    @evanallmighty I think it's UTC 8 (timezone). Tell me your ideas through PM :)
  5. It means that she'd be eight hours ahead of your time depending on where you lived. (:
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  6. ok... still not sure but thanks anyway
  7. Well, what time is it where you live? Add eight hours to that and you'll find out what time it is where she lives. It's not that hard to find out. (:
  8. I'd be willing to discuss plots and such for fandoms, though I'm about to head off to work. I am quite sure that we arent anywhere near the same time zone, but I'm up pretty much all hours of the night, and I rp during school. The only time I dont rp is when I'm at work, so, I'm very available
  9. We could give it a try, I like rping with sympathic people BUT I am GMT+1, so not really close I assume.
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