Seeking RPs in Various Fandoms (1-on-1)

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  1. I'm interested in someone willing to do RPs with me in a number of fields.
    Range: One shots, PWPs, short or mid-term; I'm good with 'em all and this can be discussed. I will say I greatly prefer literate smut in all of these regardless of length. That doesn't mean the story will be some thinly-veiled XXX throwdown, unless we both agree it to be as such.
    RP Mediums (in order of preference): AIM/YIM, E-mail, Skype

    1) Golden Sun: I'd love to do an RP about that game, particularly one revolving around the four Proxians, whether it be telling the tale from their POV, some aspect of their lives/culture or even tweaking their fates a bit. (And for the indulgent, I'd love to find someone willing to RP as Karst, or a Proxian OC for Dark Dawn.)

    2) Avatar the Last Airbender: One of my favorite animated series (I managed to turn two of my grad school professors--one being vehemently anti-Western animation, no less--into fans of this), I'd love to find a Suki, Princess Azula or Ty Lee to play opposite an OC, as well as explore further into the fate/backdrop of Azula.

    I'm highly interested in other well-crafted OCs as well, though I admit having no interest in stoic characters, Batman/Punisher-esque brooders or Orleandeau copycats.

    My blog contains writing samples and my RP preferences, as well as potential plots I'm interested in and other female characters I'd love to RP opposite of. Should any of these strike your fancy, please PM me.
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    Dude, I am a HUGE tacitcs fan. . . well of the original Final Fantasy tactics and the remake for PSP. I would be interested in playing Milleuda Folles. No matter how many times I used Invitation, she wouldn't join my party :(
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    No kidding; it took me about 25 Entices to realize that no matter how hard I tried, Wiegraf's sister was fated to die at Ramza's blade. Her, Wiegraf, Isilud, Zalmour and Zalbaag...those were all avoidable--and honestly pointless-deaths. You're talking to a guy who crafted a custom-made FFT patch so that he could have those characters join Ramza.
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  6. hey man, sorry for the silence on my end. are you still looking for a final fantasy tactics partner? i don't really like playing fandoms unless i can make my own character however like we have discuss before, I won't mind playing Milledua Folles but I have a feeling I won't play her right :/

  7. And bumping anew; still interested in a Avatar the Last Airbender RP.