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  1. To start - Hello, I'm Fiaryn. The name is from some D&D campaign that was begun and never really continued. It's been awhile since my online ventures and as such am looking for a trainer or two in general but for her in particular, along the lines of a ranger or rogue type. I figure, since she's new to the forum scene, I might as well start anew with fresh tales and acquaintances. Fiaryn was aimed to be a huntress with some sneakier skills, and is only one of many characters. As specific as this request sounds, I'm really open to ideas. I really love the fantasy and medieval genres, because that's what I'm used to.

    That said, I'd love a challenge in my inexperienced areas. As a writing partner I try to be as intuitive and imaginative as possible, in addition to finding common ground in almost any stories. (Be upfront about what you want to see, and I'll do my best to make it memorable!) While I am totally newbie friendly, I would like to find a partner or two who wouldn't mind taking me under their wing. While I prefer long-term rp, when it makes sense for characters to go their separate ways, we can figure out where to go from there. I'm super flexible about posting and understanding of obligations IRL. So I imagine I'd make for decent filler stories if you're the busy sort. While romance is absolutely tolerable and enjoyable, I won't be taking it to the mature levels. Otherwise anything really goes... If your character has the mouth of a sailor, so be it. If you enjoy writing gore, I enjoy reading it (in truth I'm a fan of horror). If any of this appealed to you, if you'd like to bounce ideas, or you're desperate to try something, just send me a PM/visitor message or post here.

    EDIT: Realizing I didn't post much more than one character, I thought I'd update this a bit.

    I love fantasy elements, have most experience in past settings, but am highly interested in steampunk and space ventures. My only thing with modern settings is that I tend to draw from what's around me and it either makes me lazy or long-winded with detail. It's difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what I'm looking for story-wise because I revel in the creative process and enjoy situations where the collaborative efforts give way to a story with characters and a universe that just...take on a life of their own.

    Also, I really need to get back into drawing so if you want to just bounce ideas or roleplay a few scenes to experiment I really need descriptive partners for the basis of character art. That's not to say I want a bunch of requests or will be producing quality anything at any time soon.
  2. Well... I love doing role plays. I like horror,and romance. High school/drama, ect.
  3. I'm up for just about anything fantasy, so if you'd like I'd really love to do an rp with you.
  4. Go ahead and leave me visitor or PMs with ideas ^~^