Seeking Roleplays

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  1. Sadly my absence has caused a lot of my lovely roleplays to drop. I am back and wish for more. I will accept any ideas you may have, if not my pairings are always MxF or MxM. I WILL NOT do:

    Rape (unless it follows and fits with the plot)

    I post between 1 to 5 paragraphs depending on what I was given. If i will be gone for more than a week I WILL let you know ahead of time. Any questions please PM me or post here.

    My idea so far.

    Anthro's have been placed into concentration camps since world war 2. Horrible conditions etc. An anthro escapes and hides in the hotel room of an ex assassin turned into a singer for a band. Making a deal which eventually leads into romance. (That is really all I have on the plot so far. If you are interested in this and have things to add, shoot me a PM and we can discuss)

    Thanks :)
  2. Hiya~ Care to try and plot?
  3. Sure! What genres do you like? Do you have any plot ideas or some pairing you would like to try?
  4. Well.. As far as plots go, not really.

    As for what I like, I have a really long list. But for the basics
    Romance, Crime lords, Mordern setting, Fantasty, Super-natural. You?
  5. Crime lords are my specialty. How about a crime lord, romance, fantasy? If we can come up with a useable plot.
  6. Pm me? Perhaps we can try and figure something out. XD I might be able to come up with something.
  7. I have many ideas of varying plots and genres I think you may enjoy. If you're interested, feel free to pm me and we can discuss them ^^
  8. Ive got a few ideas as well :)
  9. As my PM to you says, I'm also interested in an RP. I'm willing to play either male or female, so long as I'm the "submissive" character as far as sex is concerned.