Seeking Roleplay Partners for the End of the World

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  1. Looking for a willing partner to peruse any of the multiple options for Roleplays:

    Original roleplays- (some original ideas)

    -Bartenders : In which a person running a bar comes into contact with someone either applying for a job or a frequent customer and a sort of friendship builds.

    - Original Superhero: In which two superheroes, one superhero and a bystander, a superhero and sidekick etc. live out their lives with all the complications of having to save the earth and other modern-day tensions as they try to live and survive on a daily basis.

    -College Mystery Club: Friends, Colleagues, Acquaintances, or what have you try to solve various mysteries around their college campus, including one large all-encompassing mystery that the we would have to come up with.

    Fandom Roleplays- (other things I am willing to roleplay)

    DC Comics
    Grimm Fairy Tales
    Super Smash Bros
    One Piece

    (I do not have any specific plots for these, we can figure those out together. And I normally do not do OCs in but I'm sure that we can work something out given what we roleplay if we pick any of these)

    Short Note(s) to keep in mind about me:

    I do not often do romance often unless as slightly fluffy udnertones, so it's safe to say that I'm not one for heavy or explicit romantic roleplays. Mostly all of the roleplays I do will follow as such.)

    And that's pretty much it. Feel free to look at my rolepaly resumé for any more information about how I roleplay, and if you're interest in one of the following, please feel free to message me either here or privately.
  2. I'd be interested in the Original Superhero one :)
  3. Alright, we can get started whenever you want, I'll send you a pm and we'll hash out the details.
  4. Alright, cool!
  5. I am still willingly accepting roleplaying partners and new ideas as well.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.