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Surrender To Hope

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Surrender to Hope searching for partners of either a male or female background. First and foremost have a look at my roleplay resume to see if I'm a partner you might want to have.

For any idea or plot I seek either a male or female character. Your own gender does not matter nor will it influence my approach to writing with you be it explicit or not. If you are able to write as the character you bring to the table then so be it.

I'm seeking partners interested in long term plots and detailed or more precisely, of an advanced, intermediate nature. I cannot write for one liners, sorry, meaning I would like paragraphs, description. I'm not looking for novel like posts but something to work with.

My schedule will be hectic. I'm in retail, the holidays are coming. There will be times when I am not online or I come online but don't immediately write to a thread. This does not mean I'm not interested, please don't think that. Be prepared to plot through the pm. Please, please, if you are not interested any further let me know rather than leave me hanging in the pm.

Communication is the key. Please never assume. If you have a question ask me. Talk to me. We are in this partnership together, if something doesn't work for you let me know as I will to you. If you send me a pm please don't just have a pairing with no plot behind it. Chances are I will not be interested. Give detail, thought, what type of characters you see in this plot.

I can do FxM, MxF, MxM, FxF. I don't just strictly play female characters nor male ones. I play them both. I may request to play a main female or male all depending on the roleplay. I also can dabble with several characters at once be it side, minor, sub, doesn't matter. I like to add some flavor to the mix.

Everyone, whether they admit it not makes mistakes in writing. I make them. I'm no grammar teacher, I don't plan to be one so just keep an eye out on your posts please.

Never control any characters I make no matter their status. This is a major pet peeve of mine.

I do have plots in mind but no real specific Pairings, if you have some let me know. I'd be happy to plot with you on them. Send me a pm.


Modern Fantasy
Action-Adventure, contemporary
Science Fiction
Super Hero, non-canon
Fandom, video games, anime, series, canon.


Rich Female x Male servant
Human x Mythical Summoned Being
Human Male x Mermaid
Merman x Mermaid
Merman x Human Female
Royalty x Non-Royalty
Arranged Marriage. MxF pairing.
Enemy King x Enemy Queen turned allies
Hired to kill Bandit x Princess
Bandit x Bandit. MxF.
Kidnapper Prince x Princess
Rebel x Rebel
Slave x Slave x Captor (Vanilla)
Slave x Slave x Captor (Sadistic)
Pirate x Human treasure
Elemental x Templar
Elemental x Elemental
Hero x Hero
Ghost x Living
Ghost x Ghost
Slacker x Slacker
Good student x Slacker x Teacher
Doll x Doll maker
Doll x Doll
Drow x High Elf
Survivor x Survivor
Bodyguard x Employer
Whore x Nobleman
Vampire x Hunter
Anti-hero x Hero
Barbaric Hunter x Maiden

Something dark and twisted, Crimson Peak like. The movie hasn't come out but here's the trailer to let you get a feel of what I mean:

This could give us room to plot as I don't have something solid in my head.

No More Room for Heroes.

Modern and Science Fiction.

The year is 2015, the countries of yesterday are now gone and in their place a single worldly unit known as The Federation lead by not one individual but seventeen elected individuals: The Federation Council. They govern the Federation and in turn, the world bringing forth advancements in technology. The chaotic era the world was once in no longer exists but what the council does not want the public to know is the private war they wage with humans born seemingly with powers.

This select group, so far counted to five, are deemed Elementals-antagonists-as the government calls them, to you, you are just trying to survive and understand why you were born the way you are and what the future holds.
Beginning, middle, and end divided into three chapters.

Chapter 1: Hunted.
Chapter 2: Peacekeepers.
Chapter 3: Return to Naught.

Chapter 1 deals with known elementals being hunted by the government at all costs and them trying to elude the council all while surviving, understanding the powers they have.
Chapter 2 is the aftermath of 1. Whether the elementals can work alongside former enemies including what the world means to them.
Chapter 3, the final arc introduces the silent enemy threatening mankind and the elementals while close to the latter at the same time.

One elemental= one element period. No exceptions. Nothing like being able to control the darkness to raise the dead or invisibility against EVERYTHING, nope. You are free to create a element for your character, within reason, but with it comes a weakness such as if they use their power it leaves them vulnerable for a time or may cause some lasting effects.

Lost In Dreams.


They say when you die your soul leaves your body. The life you once had, the loved ones you hold dear, they are gone along with the memories of what you were. Your soul, having once powered your mortal vessel, will go somewhere but the question is where.

Here is where...
The soul 'awakens' almost like a newborn taking their first breath. Souls here take on a form of what they last appeared like when alive. There are no memories only a collective group of wanderers knowing nothing as to why they are here and what this place is.
Able to interact with objects throughout the Manor one soul, The Conductor, seemingly knowledgeable keeps everyone at a distance explaining this is home. Cherish home, never venture outside of home for he cannot 'protect' you if you do.
Naturally something doesn't feel right, being here feels wrong, and there is something you must remember but can't. Will you take a chance to go outside or remain in this 'limbo' to 'live' out the rest of your days.

You can write here or send me a message if you are interested.
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Hi! I would love to do some sort of dark, twisted horror roleplay with you. I'm not a fan of supernatural things but I'm sure we could still work something interesting out. ^-^


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Hello! I am very interested. I have some ideas for Western, Historical and some modern plots as well. I can even do fandoms! You can find my partner request or PM me for more information. I hope we can plot something together.


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Hey! I would be very interested in the arranged marriage type role-play. I also am interested in a twisted role-play type thing like the Crimson Peak. I am not that good at the creepy/horror type role-plays yet because I just started experiencing, but I would more than love to try one with you! Either of those two I would love to do!
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