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  1. A Bit About Me (open)
    Okay so I ONLY play straight female characters and I prefer the submissive role. I do have a busy schedule but I always post at least once a day, no matter what. I am not on starting at 7:00 AM mon-fri. I have band practice on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I won't be on until 6:00 PM MONDAYS, 7:00 Tuesdays, and 4:00 Thursdays but from 6:30 PM-9:30 PM on Thursdays I won't be on. Soon I'll have games to go to but I'll let the partner know accordingly about times ^^ oh and MUSIC IS MY LIFE

    Pairings (open)
    Loner Werewolf X Alpha Werewolf
    Demon X Human
    Vampire X Human
    Music Artist
    X Manager
    Forbidden Vampire X Werewolf
    Werewolf X Human
    Cute Nerd X Popular Kid

    Rules (open)
    1. I expect at least a paragraph which means at least 5 sentences though I do understand writers block.
    2. Please be active and post once a day. If there is an issue then talk to me about it. Don't worry I won't bite.
    3. Please be grammatically correct even though I'm not a grammar nazi.
    4. Even though I want a paragraph, quality over quantity. Give me something to respond to. I'll try to match my partner's post.
    5. In order to tell me you read these, tell me your favorite song in your interest PM to me. Oh yea....PM me with what you'd like to do and we can work out the details. ^^
    6. Those in bold would be my preferred role.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.