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    Draum's 1x1 Search

    Hey y'all, I'm back and looking for writing buddies.

    Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here are some caveats:

    • I understand this is the "libertine" section, but this thread is only here because I want a partner over 18 for possible mature themes (profanity, violence, sexual content etc.), not because I want to write kinky smut all day. I actually prefer a 70-30 plot-smut ratio (basically, more plot). So if you're here for pure smut, please move along.
    • Please read all the rules below. I'll know if you didn't, and I won't respond to PMs if you don't. It's not that I'm trying to be an ass (I'm a nice person, really) but it's just frustrating when people overlook some of the requirements (it's happened).

    Also, I don't know what's wrong with the BBCode, but please click the second spoiler box instead of the first.

    RULES (open)
    RULES (open)

    x I put "adept" in the "posting expectations" section for a reason. Please have proper spelling and grammar as far as possible. If I have to squint to read what you're writing, we won't work out. A particular pet peeve of mine is a consistent lack of punctuation.

    x I reserve the right to drop a roleplay at any time (even if it's within the first few posts). It's a hobby, not an obligation. Please don't be mad if I choose to drop. It's more likely me than it is you, considering I lose interest fairly easily.

    x I am female, in my 20s, but am capable of playing both male and female characters. My characters (of both genders) tend to be strong/independent types, and you will never see a wilting flower from me. I'd prefer for my partners to play similar characters (not asking for The Terminator, but just someone smart/strong enough to defend themselves should the need arise).

    x Please post at least two paragraphs per reply. I'm usually capable of writing page-length posts, but it takes a lot out of me and right now, I'd prefer to cut back a little or a lot (unless I'm particularly inspired). More would be great, but there's no need to feel obliged.

    x I love, love, love romance, and so all roleplays will likely contain it. However, romance will always be a sub-plot.

    x If you've read the rules, include the name of a musician/band you like in your initial PM.

    x Characters must be over 18. This is non-negotiable. I'd prefer if they were within the 20s-30s spectrum.

    x NPCs (non-mains) will be shared between us. If I introduce a minor character, feel free to control them as you wish.

    x Help me world-build and push the plot forward. I'll get really annoyed if I'm the only one dragging the plot around. We can discuss plot points OOC; or, if you have a sudden plot twist idea, feel free to throw it in.

    x Let me know if you're busy/unable to post for an extended period of time. I will do the same for you. I've waited for people for weeks/months before, so it's no big deal as long as I'm kept informed. Also, if you've lost interest, please let me know. As long as you're polite, I'll be cool with it. I will extend the same courtesy to you. I have zero tolerance for OOC rudeness.

    x I don't usually make CSes. But if we do decide on CSes, I'll only use a text description or real photographs/realistic drawings to represent appearance, not anime. I expect the same of you. I have no pre-made characters, and usually create a new character for each new roleplay.

    x I can roleplay through the libertine threads, PMs, or over e-mail (ask me for my e-mail address).

    x I have a weird timezone (compared to the majority of the people here, I'm guessing) and an inconsistent RL schedule, so please be patient with me.

    I'm a nice person, I promise. Feel free to chat with me OOC if you like; let's be friends.

    RP TYPES (open)
    RP TYPES (open)

    x Military (In any setting. I'm partial to modern and sci-fi, though I will do historical subject to the time period/conflict.)

    x Medieval/Fantasy

    x Science Fiction (Soft; I'm willing to try hard sci-fi but you'll have to guide me. A lot.)

    x Space Fantasy (Noble houses, monarchies, rifle-wielding royal space!)

    x Dystopian Future

    x Post-Apocalyptic (A setting with a Metro 2033 feel, for example.)

    x Espionage/Spies

    x Mercenaries/PMCs

    x Urban Fantasy/Supernatural

    x Crime (Mafia bosses, detectives, serial killers, bank robbers...the list goes on. I like small town crime as well. Inspirations include Winter's Bone and True Detective. But big city crime works too.)

    x Action/Adventure/Thriller (Searching for a lost treasure? You got it. Stranded in an inhospitable jungle? Let's do it. Accidentally reanimating a cursed mummy from thousands of years ago? You're on.)

    x Horror (This is another favorite of mine. Cursed towns, secluded arctic bases...)

    x Slice-Of-Life

    x Dark Steampunk/Victorian Gothic (Something with the feel of the game Dishonored, for example, or The Order 1886 and/or Bloodborne.)

    x Cyberpunk (Think plots similar to The Matrix.)

    IDEAS (open)
    IDEAS (open)

    (Roles and genders can be switched according to your preference. So, if for plot 1, for example, you'd like a female smuggler and a male stowaway, we could do that.)

    1 - A sci-fi adventure with a dashing smuggler rogue (think Han Solo/Peter Quill) and a stowaway.

    2 - Our characters are stationed in a remote, arctic research base. One is a scientist, the other a soldier. When something begins slaughtering the researchers, our characters must figure out what is happening - and escape - before whatever it is finds them.

    3 - He was a black ops operative, a skilled former soldier specially selected for covert missions in some of the most volatile parts of the world. After making a mistake on his latest mission, he is captured and disavowed as a rogue by his government. Presumed dead, he returns home years later under a different name, swearing revenge on those who left him to die.

    4 - She was a city girl through and through, working long hours under an insensitive boss. One day, she gets into an argument with her employer and is fired. Stressed and frustrated, she rents out her apartment and moves to her parents' birth town, where their old ranch has been sold to a friend of her parents'. Explaining her situation, the family friend gives her a job and a place to stay, and entrusts his son - born and raised in the country - to show her the ropes.

    5 - An adventure tale, something like The Mummy, Uncharted or Indiana Jones.

    6 - In the near future, the gates of hell have been opened. Demons and other abominations pour through, consuming the world and driving humanity underground. Called to duty, an ancient order of knights, its members descended from angels, has risen once more to prominence, protecting human survivors from the onslaught. A knight rescues what initially appears to be a harmless civilian, but soon discovers this civilian is really a high-ranked demon. The demon offers their services in exchange for shelter, but can the knight trust them?

    7 - An FBI agent arrives in the city to investigate a slew of horrific murders, immediately butting heads with the local detective in charge. Still, as the kills start piling up, they must work together to close the case, or risk the deaths of more innocents.

    8 - A cop goes undercover, infiltrating a ruthless organized crime syndicate. (FBI infiltrating the mafia, ATF infiltrating a biker gang...anything you like.)

    9 - She was an intrepid journalist, the daughter of one of the city's most beloved policemen. When one night she overhears her father accepting bribes from an organized crime leader, her world is shattered. To make sure she doesn't tell a soul, the leader assigns his enforcer to keep watch on the girl. The enforcer is less than pleased, but eventually grows fond of the young journalist.

    10 - When a petty criminal witnesses a brutal murder, she is placed in witness protection. Given a new name and a new home, she is watched over constantly by a young marshal. The enemy is well-equipped, however, and soon begins to close in, hoping to end her before she can testify.

    11 - Earth is invaded. A battle-hardened soldier for human forces is captured and held at an alien base, where he witnesses members of his unit die one by one. Before it's his turn, he is freed by an alien operative who is against the invasion. She offers to assist the human war effort as a defector.

    12 - Earth's resources are running low. In a bid to find a new home, Earth's leaders send a scouting/research party to an Earth-like planet, believed to be able to support human life. One of our characters would be a scientist/engineer/intellectual, while the other would play a soldier or hired gun, charged with protecting the scientist and other members of the expedition. It soon becomes evident that the planet is more dangerous than the humans had initially assumed...

    13 - A group of soldiers (our characters included) are dispatched to a human colony/ship when it goes dark, only to find themselves hunted by a savage race of aliens. (This is space survival horror, something inspired by Alien and/or Dead Space.)

    14 - Hunters traveling cross-country, investigating strange, paranormal occurrences. Maybe one of them is a half-demon, using their infernal heritage to assist them in protecting the innocent.

    15 - A war correspondent embedded with a combat unit overseas.

    16 - He was one of the most lethal snipers during his deployment, having a record number of kills under his belt. He also had a rival in the enemy ranks, a shadowy figure who was a nightmare to his friends and comrades. At the end of his latest tour, he returns home only to find that his rival has followed him back - and won't stop until he's dead. A writer chronicling his story for a book is caught in the crossfire.

    17 - He is an enigmatic vigilante, the wealthy son of a billionaire. He has taken it upon himself to rid the city of its criminal elements, and has recruited a personal friend to act as his "handler" and partner.

    18 - Our characters are stuck on a planet/in a city/trapped in a realistic simulation overseen by an AI gone rogue.

    19 - A woman goes to an eerie, abandoned town in search of her missing niece. A law enforcement agent (detective, FBI, etc.) is there following a lead on a murder case. They get trapped in the cursed town, and must survive while finding a way to escape. (Based off Silent Hill. This could also take place on an island, and be based off aspects of Siren: Blood Curse/New Translation.)

    20 - Mythology-based/mythology retellings. Gods in modern times. (Not too keen on this one at the moment, but listing it here anyway so I don't forget.)

    Please, please, please send me ideas of your own if you have any, or any storylines you're craving that you think I might like. If I listed everything brewing in my head, I'd probably be writing the entire night. So go ahead and sound off; the worst I could do is say no. Feel free to check out my Roleplayer's Resume on my profile as well.

    And that's it!

    To save time, please include in your PM:

    - What you're interested in/ideas of your own (if any)
    - What role you're interested in playing
    - Whether you'd prefer to play the M or the F
    - Anything else I should know (I already know I sound extremely picky, and I apologize :()

    Thanks for looking!
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