Seeking partners in for good long run role plays that can play dominate female characters with yuri.

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  1. I'm seeking partners who will strive to post a minimum of once per day but are willing to do more. I seek good spelling. I'm not a grammar nazi and I know I'm not perfect with spelling so I don't expect my partners to be. I do want to see at least one paragraph with dialogue, details of actions and scenery. I would like at least three partners who can do either Male or Female and are more dominate oriented. I prefer doing the role plays in the pm.

    I do have limits, no goes, and will be straight forward telling you them. For my No Goes: I do not ever do Male x male, anal sex, vomit, or scat (feces), and I refuse to do pregnancy or futa. My limits are thing that I will do but minimize for some. These limits are my following: rape, water works (only in use of actual bathroom, or from severe pain. I will not make a character drink pee.), bdsm (I can go to a point but if it gets to much on me or I believe it is becoming abusive beyond comfort I will let know.), Spanking, beating, whipping, animal treatment. I would like to see anywhere between 60 to 75 % plot and 40 to 25 % smut. I do expect my partners to help contribute to the plot and twists of the role plays I do have some features of characters canned in role play they usually are found in ( ) near first introduction of character if I wanted a specific feature or personality trait.

    So the following are my role play ideas.
    Guide: I use A and B as guides to characters with A usually dominate and B submissive.

    The First One Is What I really Want To Do The Most.
    (Fxf only) 1) A is a young girl who lives with her older sister Jasmine after being given full custody from their abusive drunk and drug addict mother. Jasmine attends college and works morning shifts as she continues to get her Master's degree. A's best friend is B, who secretly likes A a lot and always does what she can to be near A. As they enter high school B's parents begin taking long trips over the world leaving B unsupervised as her crush of A turns to love. A wanting room and space from B begins to torment B in trying to get B to leave her alone more. One night A talks with her sister and learns of a way that might work. A decides to try out her sister's suggestion. The next day at school A asks B to meet her that Friday at eight that night in the old abandoned school building. B excited comes and finds herself blindfolded and gagged by A as A begins to see if B hates her. B shook her head as A then strips B naked and asks again. B once more shakes her head no as A getting angry ties B up by the wrists and ankles. B instead of hating it find herself loving the abuse. A in anger forces B across her lap and begin's to beat B's ass hard. B begins to try to scream in pain as they both knew she hated being spanked as B starts to enjoy the bondage. A noticed this after a bit and demands to know why B enjoys this. B then pulls the gag out and declare's her love and tells A she do anything. A hearing this then decides to try something out as she begin's to carry her naked friend home where she rape's B who A finds to her surprised to be enjoyable. A discovers during the rape she loves the power of dominating. A then tells B that she may have her desire of being with her upon moving in and being her personal slave.

    (This one can go Mxf or Fxf) 2) A is a 22 year (used to getting what he/she wanted and making decisions that effect many) old major multinational billionaire with property over the world. Owning his/her own private island A tends to live there alone with some trusted paid staff. One day A goes in his/her massive cruise ship yawth to one of the main lands. A then begins a meeting at a business but follows up with a shopping spree. B a girl just out of high school with no where to go and no place to stay gives a gang a slip on the docks as she slips into the ship undiscovered. A returns near evening unaware of a stowaway loads his/her new property to the ship and sets sail to her home. Midway around midnight A is awoken as B is brought before her by a member of the crew. Dismissing the crewman A demands B to tell her her name and why she was on her boat. Fearing the worse B tells A her entire situation and begs A not to call coastguard telling A she's do anything A desired. A listening then tells B to discard her clothes and kneel as A accepts upon condition B becomes her personal pet and slave. B accepts and obeys as she waits for A's instructions.

    (This one can also go Mxf or Fxf but would prefer to keep it Fxf) 3) A (between age of 21 to 26, and is known when around kids and teens below age of 19 to lecture about language and will spank and put a bar of soap in mouth if any stayed at house) lives out in the middle of a wilderness deep in the mountains alone. One day during B's (a teen girl between 13 to 15 with a semi-foul mouth at times {situation depending}) family's vacation they rented a small plane to view the mountains. As they were flying a massive Storm arose as it began ripping the plane apart. shoving the only emergency parachute into her hands, B's family threw her out of the plane a bit before the plane got hit by lightning and spiraled into a cliff's side orphaning the girl. Descending B barely got the parachute to open as she landed breaking her arm and leg as she was tangled. A few days went by when A found B. Cutting the girl feel A reset the bones of her left leg and right arm and braced B as A carried the unconscious girl away. A then began caring for B. As B woke she found herself in new clothes with a plastered arm and leg. Soon A introduced herself and talked with B to learn her story. After a bit, A offered B the ability to stay with her in exchange for B giving herself fully to A in all manners as a slave and companion. B decided to think about it. As she was given no time line on the answer B soon healed with passing of time. Not long B began strength training with A's help during which she realized the limitation she never had before she ad now. Angered by her struggling and frustration along with fact she has no family or anywhere else to go B agreed to all desire of A in exchange for staying and living with her.
  2. Hello, i'm interested in your second plot.
  3. Send me a pm and we can Role Play.
  4. Still looking for long term active role play partners.
  5. well on my Request got 2 i can dom in.
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