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    Name's Vanessa and I'm a roleplayer here on otaku. I've decided to update this since things haven't been going so well, I am currently borrowing the ideas of @~Dark Disney~ and I give her all the wonderful credit, so let's get roleplaying shall we. I am currently looking to play the male role but willing to do the female role but it will take some major convincing, and please post at least a paragraph.

    I'll get my current cravings right off the bat
    • pregnancy roleplay
    • mass effect roleplay
    • dark romance roleplay
    • slice of life roleplay
    • fallout 4 roleplay
    • dragon age roleplay
    • romance roleplay
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  2. Incoming Fandoms (current fandoms I am currently into, have another fandom, let me know)

    Dragon Age
    Cullen x Inquisitor
    Alistair x Warden
    Fenris x Hawke
    Lelianna x Warden
    Josephine x Inquisitor

    Mass Effect
    Garrus x Femshep
    Kaidan x Femshep
    Ashley x Maleshep


    Tamaki x Haruhi
    Kyoya x OC
    Tamaki x OC

    Fallout 4
    x Sole
    Maccready x Sole
    Piper x Sole
    Nick Valentine x Sole

    Final fantasy based or Kingdom hearts
    Once Upon A Time
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  3. if it is bold that means it's a role I want to play, but if it has a :heartbeat: I'm craving it, the more :heartbeat: the more Im craving

    Egypthian God x Priestess
    Ancient God x Mortal
    Pirate x Captive (possibly royalty?) :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
    Pirate x Governor's Daughter
    Princess in line to the throne x Best Friend :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
    Princess x Prisoner
    Gentle Queen/Goddess x Insane King/God
    Prince x Princess / Maid / Knight :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
    Princess x Prince / Maid / Butler / Knight
    (sickly) princess x vampire healer :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:
    knight x prince/princess/maid/butler/knight
    geisha x apprentice geisha :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:
    geisha x client / samurai /lord
    Samurai x General's Daughter
    Samurai x Female Samurai
    Samurai x Female General
    Solider x Captain
    Solider x Wounded Enemy Captain
    Solider x Wounded Solider
    Recruiting Solider x War Hero

    Vampire Princess x Human Prince x Vampire Knight :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
    Vampire Princess x Hunter
    Dragon Rider x Dragon
    Siren x Goddess
    Pregnant Dragon x Rider:heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:
    Werewolf Prince x Kitsune Princess :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:
    Werewolf Prince x Vampire Princess

    Dancer x Dance partner
    Soldier/ soldiers wife a return home from tour
    College student × exchange student
    Anything with pregnancy :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:
    FBI Agent/Protect Witness
    Singer/Band Manager
    Band Member/Band Member
    Ice Skater x Ice Skater
    Ice Skater x Model
    Ice Skater x Manager
    Fashion Designer x Model.:
    Gang Member x Pregnant Girlfriend :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:
    Malifa Member x Pregnant Girlfriend :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:
    Bride to be x Pregnant Maid of Honor
    Village Sacrifice x Vengeful God/Demon
    Gypsy x Demon:heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:
    Best friend/Best friend
    Sworn enemies
    Mafia boss/Mafia member or victim
    Mail order bride x husband
    mail order bride x bride (woman disguised as a male)
    Circus Performer x Circus attendee :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
    dying x friend
    recovering from something x friend
    Pregnant Bride x Soon to be Husband.
    Cosplayer x Magical Anime Girl come to life
    Police Chiefs Daughter/Male Gang Member
    Police Chiefs Daughter/ Male Gang Leader
    Rancher's Daughter /Ranch Hand
    Rancher's Daughter/ Ranch Foreman
    Street Family
    Photographer x Bride:
    Photographer x Pregnant Model :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:
Experiment X Scientist
    College Student x Professor
    Boarding School Roommates :
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Student x Teacher:birthday:
    Psychiatrist x Patient
    Ex-Girlfriend x Ex-Boyfriend
    Rock star x Old Friend/Fan/Groupie
    Boss x Secretary
    Master x Slave
    Arranged Marriage

    More to come :heartbeat:
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  4. Genres

    Fantasy (any type)
    Horror/dark stuff
    Occult shop
    Deep web/dark web
    Some history (1800's-1970's, but feel free to ask about other time periods.)
    Science fiction
    Insane asylums
    Group therapy
    Second chances at life
    Post apocalyptic (any type)
    Island survival
    Romance that happens naturally
    Age difference (5-20+ years)
    Opposites attract
    Vampire x human
    Assassin/ex-militarily/hit man x customer/target/newbie/innocent bystander
    Immortal x mortal/time traveler
    Monster x human
    Werewolf/shape shifter x human/vampire/other
    Sentient zombie x human
    Villain x neutral hero
    Platonic relationships

    Several years of diplomatic communications with extraterrestrial beings have culminated in peace between aliens and humans. With no imminent threat of harm, earthly life continues as usual and the existence of aliens is no longer something to fear but something to be excited about. Aliens and humans have agreed to work together for the betterment of both worlds; aliens are granted access to natural resources on earth that they cannot find on their own planet, and in exchange they offer earth access to advanced technologies that even the brightest humans could not conceive. The aliens are sending a troop of their kind to earth on the first ever collection mission this evening. Government officials will meet them at the designated landing site and one lucky civilian, chosen by a lottery drawing, will be invited. Muse A is this lucky civilian who has won the privilege of hosting an alien ambassador in their home for the duration of the extraterrestrials’ visit. Muse A will be compensated monetarily and also have bragging rights over a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Muse B, the alien ambassador who will stay in Muse A’s home, is charged with the task of learning about modern earth culture and seeing how far humanity has advanced in the last few decades.

    Muse A, a tenacious crime boss, is frustrated by yet another news headline about a big crime bust in the city which has ties to their own illicit operations. It seems that the mayor’s been making good on his promise to eradicate crime as of late (probably because he’s looking to run for Senator in the upcoming elections) and that ultimately spells trouble for Muse A. It’s only a matter of time before someone from the Mayor’s camp comes sniffing around Muse A’s nightclub, which operates as a front for their money laundering, but Muse A wants the Mayor dealt with before that happens. As fate would have it, Muse A isn’t the only one who wants the Mayor gone.

    Muse B, the Mayor’s child, sees right through the teleprompted speeches, contrived family photo ops, and the empty promises of a crime-free city. Muse B has seen and heard their father conducting his own illegal practices and knows firsthand that the Mayor is not a good man. Muse B has lost all respect for their corrupt father and only feels disdain and fear toward him. It’s by coincidence that Muse B enters Muse A’s nightclub after a volatile confrontation with their father, but it isn’t a coincidence when Muse A recognizes Muse B and invites them to the VIP area to talk. In this secluded area of the club, Muse B spills all of their concerns to Muse A and Muse A offers protection in exchange for information. Muse B agrees to spy on their father for Muse A with the understanding that, at the opportune moment, Muse A will get rid of the Mayor.

    In a future world where human beings no longer have the ability to reproduce without the aid of scientific engineering (due to decades of exposure to harsh environmental pollutants and secret government initiatives to stave off the population to preserve resources), the kiss has become the highest form of physical intimacy. Kisses are reserved for your Cherished One–a mate who is assigned by a local agency based on extensive compatibility evaluations given when someone reaches the age of 18. Embracing someone who is not your Cherished One in this special way is a crime punishable by law, with serious repercussions for both people caught in the act. Those who are caught betraying their Cherised One can be sent to an interment facility for varying amounts of time depending on the severity of the ‘offense’ and may forfeit their right to participate in an annual lottery that decides which couples will be permitted to bear children through in vitro means. There are couples who are rumored to have defied the law and abandoned their Cherished One for another, but little is known of ‘the Disgraced’ as they are called because they must live apart from society in order to avoid the reach of the authorities. Muse A and Muse B have just taken their compatibility evaluations.

    (we can also do a more fantasy orrientated plot with pregnancy)

    Muse A is annoyed when someone rings their doorbell late at night. When they answer the door, they’re even more annoyed to come face-to-face with their ex,Muse B. Muse B, typically smug and rude, looks panicked and makes a plea for Muse A’s help. Bitter about the sour ending of their relationship by Muse B’s fault, Muse A is poised to slam the door shut in Muse B’s face. Just before they can, a pint-sized kid peers out from behind Muse B’s legs and asks to use the bathroom. Muse A may loathe Muse B, but they aren’t heartless, so they let the child in and begrudgingly also Muse B. While the child is in the bathroom, Muse A demands an explanation from their ex. Muse B breaks down and explains that the child is theirs but they only recently found out. The kid was left at their door by their other parent and they’re freaking out because they have no idea how to raise the child, especially not alone. Muse B came to Muse A for help because they have no one else to turn to. Muse A is sympathetic, mainly for the child, and only because of this does Muse A agree to help.
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  5. Hi! I wanted to ask if you would be interested in Blue Exorcist or not? If not, that's fine! I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. :]
  6. I'd be up for a fruits basket rp! Send me a link so we can chat! :D
  7. sorry don't know Blue Exorcist.
    can you message me instead?
  8. Still Searching and Updated <3
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