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  1. I don't have any particular plots in mind at the moment, but I'm interested in playing a few different characters.

    First off, one of the characters I'm wanting to find another RP for is this little brat. Just forewarning, he's kind of an angsty asshat and not the most pleasant person to deal with, but he's entertaining if you like character conflict and drama XD

    Second character I'm looking to include into some sort of roleplay or another is my ten-tailed fox god, who's sort of childish and actually a bit of a ditz XD

    As for the D.Gray-Man roleplay, I'm exceptional at playing Lavi and prefer to play him. I'm decent at Kanda, Komui, and Road. I'm also fine with doing AU or crossover roleplays, or even just any non-DGM related RP using some of the characters in it XD

    I don't really do smut and romance is iffy. I don't do romance as a central plot, only as a development of a more major storyline, so I'm not completely against it, I just don't want to focus on it. Hetero preferred, MxM okay, but I don't really do yuri/FxF(nothing against it, it just never caught my fancy).

    I prefer an active partner(one post per day at least) but I understand life happens so if you take a week to respond I'll survive having to wait a few days.

    I'm not incredibly picky about length, but I do of course expect proper spelling, grammar, et cetera, and the more material you give me to work with the more I can create in return.
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