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  1. Hi there! My name is Gus (or Guus in my native language) and i have been sruggling with an idea based on a plot that revolves around the quest to discover the source of magic in our fictive universe to-be.

    What i have been struggling with is whether i want the magic to be based off magic circles or individual magic.
    I'll explain the diffrence.
    Magic circle: Magic circle magic is all about drawing/writing a magic circle which then when powered causes magics to happen. This basically means that any type of magic can be taught and learned to anyone. Ofcourse interest and talent do come into play.

    Hereditary: This magic is about what mages your parents were and what you will be. E.g. lets say your parents both were fire mages that makes you very likely a fire mage too. Other fire mages can teach you and your parents can but in the end you have to do the practicing. But this universe is also about mixed magic like the father being a fire mage and the mother being a necromancer which makes the child either a necromancer, fire mage or a necromancer summoning armies from the fiery depths of hell.

    I hope this make sense.
    If you, the reader of this nonsensical story, could make the choice between these we can start the rp of almost immediately.

    If you reach this then thank you for taking the time to read everything and i hope we can roleplay soon.

    P.S. We can discuss any changes to it although its already a pretty open plot.
  2. Since this seems more like a "plotting help" request I'm moving it to Content. Feel free to start a new request thread once you've got the kinks worked out!
  3. My apologies, i think i worded it wrongly but there are no kinks to work out. I want to roleplay either idea, i only need my partner(s) to pick the type of magic. But i will make a new thread which specigies that more.
  4. That's ok, I'll just move this back, but you might consider editing your post to reword it :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.