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  1. New to the site, but not new to writing. I'm returning after a 6 month hiatus, chaotic life.
    As a writer I tend to post up to two paragraphs, sometimes more, depending on how my creative juices are flowing and what the response warrants. I expect the same effort from my partner/s, as long as there are no one-liners. Another expectation is honesty, if you're not picking up what I'm puttin' down, let me know. I'll try and adjust my writing to keep both (or multiple) parties having fun, cause that's what RPing is all about, fun.

    So some fandoms I'm currently interested in:

    I find this fandom particularly challenging, and have yet to find anyone up for the challenge. Though I think its just dripping with possibilities. As I have a very vague plot, I'm eager to hear the ideas of others looking to participate.
    Brief Synopsis- Set in the near future, the new of art of thieving is done through the mind. Secrets and valuable information are extracted from the target while in a dream state.

    I'm willing to play a canon if requsted, but more interested in playing an OC. I'm completely caught up in the season and wanting to collaborate with another.

    Some other Genres:

    Again, following the theme of 'no specific plot in mind'. I would prefer to play a non-canon character.

    A Goddess Revived:
    This is an original basic plot I've been wanting to play. An ancient being, who was revered as a Goddess has been inadvertently revived/ or freed from a magical prison. She wants nothing more to pick up where she left off, smiting the cockroaches that dare to defy her and continue her reign of terror. Only one problem, she's powerless and now finds herself in a strange time and land.
    I plan on this starting as somewhat of a comedy and unraveling into an adventure, set in the present. It can also be adjusted for more than two players.

    Even if your not interested writing with me, but have some ideas to offer, I'm more than willing to read them and expand on the concepts.
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  2. I'm interested in the hero RP I just have one question what is a "cannon" character
  3. Ugh, I mean to put non-canon character, has been edited to say so. A canon character is a pre-existing character. In this case Superman, Ironman, ect...

    I'd prefer to play an original character, but I have no stipulations for my partner. Still interested? Plot in mind?
  4. Ok got it :) yes I'm still interested PM me