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  1. Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I'm Taleweaver, your resident moderately batty storyteller. I have been (sadly) neglecting the muse that demands I write and roleplay of late, and so I've created this thread in an attempt to find willing partners that are compatible with my tastes and quirks.

    Elder Scrolls Ideas
    Original Adventurer x Original Adventurer -
    My first choice. I'd much rather take the time to create our own characters, much like the games, and have them meet via happenstance or something similar. I think it makes the roleplay a bit more organic. Plus, it opens the possibilities for all sorts of adventuring and wandering.

    Stormcloak x Loyalist - Don't you just love it when a setting provides all of the necessary conflict for you? Our characters are placed in a situation where they must rely on each other to survive, despite the fact that in ordinary circumstances they'd be trying to kill each other.

    Dark Brotherhood Assassin x Mark - A shadowy assassin of the Brotherhood finds themselves unable to kill their contract mark. Why? What stopped them from completing their contract? Open to discussion.

    Shieldbrother x Shieldbrother/sister - Two of the mighty Companions, set out to complete tasks given to them by the Harbinger. Fairly basic adventure RP.

    Ancient Blades Adventure - This sounds a bit odd, but I'd love to play a pair of Blades neophytes tasked with hunting down and slaying dragons, and eventually growing closer through their travels.

    Disgaea Ideas
    Original Character x Original Character
    - As entertaining as Disgaea canon is, I'd rather just play a couple of goofy heroes in the Disgaea universe, getting involved in all sorts of unsavory hijinks.

    Prinnies - This one's a strange idea. It can either be purely comedy (most likely), or it can be a harrowing and dramatic tale of redemption from sin. Open to discussion.

    Overlord x Human - Much like Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, an evil Overlord of the Netherworld finds themself growing strangely attached to his newest 'vassal', who came to them by happenstance. Rather than an Angel, the vassal is human.

    Medieval/Fantasy Ideas
    This section isn't going to have specific role pairs listed; instead, I'll put down the characters I'd be willing to play in a scenario like this.

    Young Innocent Mage
    Seasoned Cynic Swords(wo)man
    Dashing, Arrogant Swashbuckler
    Fallen Paladin, Seeking Redemption
    Necromancer, Vengeant
    Misguided Noble, Changing Their Ways
    Privateer, Making Port
    Gladiator, Craving Freedom
    [More to come.]

    I'd like the roleplays to have strong romance elements, as well as adventure and occasionally combat. Overall, these would be very light-hearted roleplays, with more of a focus on fun and character development than darker themes or anything like that.

    Most of the actual plotline is up for discussion with potential partners. If you're interested, feel free to post here, PM me, or just shoot me an email!
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  2. I'd be interested in an Elder Scrolls roleplay with you, preferably original characters.
  3. Awesome! Feel free to PM me and we can discuss it. :)
  4. I'm interested in doing a fantasy roleplay with you :)
  5. I'd love to do a medieval roleplay with you!
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