Seeking Partner for Single Protagonist HPRP

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  1. Greetings, I seek you today in hopes of finding someone willing to do a certain roleplay centered in the Harry Potter universe with me. What differentiates this request from all the others, however, is this; There will be one sole main character that we will share. This character will take the name, at least in the corner of his mind, of Tom Potter, the result of the merging of the twisted piece of soul of Tom Marvolo Riddle and the full but infant soul of Harry Potter on that fateful night of Halloween 1981.

    It will be the birth of a sane Tom Riddle, basically, complete with the progressive memories of his previous life and the healthier body of someone with not so much interbreeding in his family tree. With this, I hope of making a tale that will span hopefully the whole life of the young boy as he try to make a mark on the Wizarding World without so much bloodshed.

    I'm looking for one or two partners for this, as this will probably be able to take many forms as we go along. I only ask that we have fun with this idea and that we both make efforts in our posts, that's all :)! Of course, OOC discussions in the form of Conversations will be a must.
  2. Interested.. REALLY interested. So. Would I have to make an OC? Or Is there Cannon?
  3. Hello there!

    We would both take the control of both Tom who will be the protagonist and various more minor characters of our choosing.

    Are you still interested?
  4. Yeah, I can try this. I will be able to post more often later on, currently traveling somewhere.
  5. Wow, this is one of the coolest ideas I've seen. Too bad I don't know enough of the HP universe to participate in it :( Well, best of luck with your great idea.
  6. Thank you, malmshodes. :)

    Last Bunny, please PM me if you are still interested, we will plot it out then.