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  1. Yes, yes, I know I'm involved in quite a few already, but this idea is one that just won't go away, like a cat that doesn't leave you lone until you feed it.

    The basic plot of it is that both participants are residents at a magic academy. But that alone is boring, there's no depth. So allow me to say that the term "magic" encompasses things such as the study of magical creatures, alchemy, your compulsory spell-casting, basically the whole package. But this is nowhere near enough for me. So what if I said that there's a murderer running loose in the academy? Nobody knows anything about them, but it's evident that they're a big fan of consistency - each corpse is drained of moisture, with a rose-shaped chemical burn over their heart. Nobody has even been able to link the murders - the victims range from students to kitchen staff. Cue wild accusations, suspicion, curfew, and a bored student attempting to solve the case. But who will he point his finger at, should the time come? Who will will the evidence leave up the creek with no paddle? Is the killer leaving things behind on purpose, playing a game with those who pursue him? Only one way to find out.

    Now, I thought this would work better as a on-on-one RP, for the simple reason that academy RPs tend to scatter the participants, and the best mystery novels and shows (I've read/seen) always have a pair, as opposed to a group. Why a magic academy? Because there's such a wide array of options to have plot twists, clues, red herrings... The list goes on. But please, this is the first mystery I'm writing, so bear with me.
    Now the, character-wise, I'll be playing the student. Male, if you must know. You're welcome to play a teacher or another student - hell, be a roaming badger anthro for all I care. All I require is that you are able to pull it off, and that the age difference is no more than seven years. The relationship, I would prefer to let develop over the course of things, just doing whatever feels natural. However, if you insist upon a clear objective regarding such matters, I'm more inclined to a Sherlock Holmes/John Watson style thing, where the witty banter flows freely, and the bro-ness of it all is positively radiating from the pair. Of course, feel free to suggest something, just not TeacherXStudent, or yaoi. I'm sorry, but I can't see myself pulling it off without forcing myself.
  2. Hmm, this could be interesting. Found anyone yet?
  3. Nope, just PM me with any terms or conditions you may have, and we'll get discussing.
  4. 'Sup. This gone yet?
  5. Yep, I'm taken. A thousand apologies.
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