Seeking Partner for Parental Frenkenstein-like Idea

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  1. This is a Romance-free Zone. Beware, shippers!
    The following is a Gothic Horror plot filled with twisted Familial sentiments.
    Mixing Futuristic Scifi with Old-Fashioned Victorian culture, I present to you:

    Child of Mine
    Your role:
    The child of a scientist, made from his flesh and blood and animated by lightning and a growing chamber from fabricated fetus to young Promethean coming to term with his powers and place in the world. Must be male as is a arcane clone of his creator.

    What I expect of you:
    At least two full paragraphs of good quality and plot advancement per post. Willingness to chat and plan in a Conversation.

    The plot:
    The pollution brought by the Industrial Era of the world have long made humanity infertile, their leaps and bounds in technology, however, making them perfectly able to remedy that problem via cloning and the betterment of their genetic makeup, generation after generation. One do not live without a broad understanding of various sciences these days, and as the body of one Clarence Wilford Montgomery reached it's full maturation at twenty five years of age, the time for him to make sure the world did not lose him pressed on his shoulder. And so it began, the young man using his amassed knowledge to make himself anew in another body, another mind and, perhaps, another soul.

    That is where you come in, a yet to be named successor to a rather long and bright legacy that spanned for over three centuries on this summer of the year 2257 in the small borough of Fernintown, a few moments of travel north-west of London. You will be changed, taught and tested until your own time comes for you to take your life in your hands on your eighteenth birthday. Will you survive this ordeal? Will you thrive?