Seeking Partner for Fantasy GirlXMonster Girl Idea!

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  1. Hello to those that were intrigued enough by the title to click it!

    This is a RP idea that I've had a hard time keeping people constantly doing, but, hopefully I can find someone that can be at least a little committed! (If you are a busy person, I am very flexible!)

    I know that the title says GirlXGirl but this RP does not, I repeat, does not have to be mature oriented! Or have it revolve around a intimate relationship with the characters. Our characters could be building up to a friendship/become BFFS/whatever.

    Below is the summary of the 'plot' or the 'jist' of the idea.
    I would like for you to play the pleading girl as a monster girl or a girl with some special abilities that doesn't make her human! Her back story and her reason for calling my character for help is up to you and for discussion!​

    There will be a bit more info provided to those that find this interesting and comment on this thread!

    I am sorry if this plot is a bit vague for anyone to be interested in it, but it is intended to just be a base for something we can work out and come up with tasty plot candies/ideas!

    But first off, you should be aware of my terms and what I seek in a partner!
    • You must be somewhat literate. I am not perfect, I make a few mistakes here and there-- sometimes REALLY stupid flaws. I try to make up for it by being as creative and thorough in my posts as best as I can. BUT this does not give you the excuse to text speak, make no coherent sense, or trail off on something totally different than whats intended...
    • You must be willing to back and forth ideas. I utterly dislike it when I pair myself with someone that doesn't really give a inch in the brain-storming part of our RP and leaves all the plot goodies for me to decide! And that is no fun. I'd have expectations of expressing SOME ideas you might have, even if they might sound ridiculous to you they might sound awesome to me! I love it when I can collaborate on ideas to make something fun and exciting for the both of us.
    • A minimum of a paragraph to two paragraph. I love posts with thorough, important details and analysis! I usually fit my length of post to be with my partners, most of the time. It is however more than okay to be stumped about something and not feeling all that inspired to make a lengthy post. We all have those days. BUT PLEASE NO ONE LINERS, I FORBID IT.
    • Have fun! A RP is usually way more enjoyable when I know my partner is having a great time being a part of it!
    And those are really all my requirements!

    Like I have said! Anyone that is interested and agrees to my simple rules can comment below!
    It is also more than okay to PM me about this! :)

    Thank you for taking a read to my RP request!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.