Seeking partner. Any Gender.

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  1. Hi! Ignore the shitty title.

    You(or your character) are a sophomore, in highschool. Your a transfer from a different school, as your parents decided to be funny, and move.

    Upon ypur first day, you meet a young man, around 16- 19 years old. He offers you a tour of the school, and shows you around durring free period. You both are surprised to find that you two share a dorm with each other. Whichbis quite a cliche, but who cares.

    • No one liners
    • I may end up mirroring your replies.
    • You must start the roleplay. (Im terrible at it)
    • Bio's first
    • PM for interest
    • If you have any ideas for plot, please, dont be afraid to tell me. Im open for any and all Ideas.
    • No limits to anything sexual. (Becauss Im a weirdo.)
    • If your going to go with previous rule, or anything of the sort, please check your birth certificate to make aure you're 18+

    Pm for interests.
  2. Hello. This is the third time you have reposted almost the exact same thread today. Don't worry, you aren't in trouble, but please remember you should use the "edit" button if you want to change your post, rather than posting a brand new thread.

    Please keep that in mind, and happy partner hunting!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.