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  1. Hey, I'm Vaewolf, or Vae. I'm not looking for many partners at the moment so I want to make the best of a story. Currently, I don't have any plot ideas either... Sorry for the inconvenience! I'm more prominent to hashing out things from scratch, if that's not a big deal for some people. I also like to look at people's writing styles because there are ones I enjoy reading and others not so much. I apologize if my pickiness offends anyone. It is not my intention to do so because I'm fairly sure that all of you are wonderful story tellers no matter the writing style. I just have a personal preference for certain writing styles.

    I prefer someone who is adept and/or advanced above all else. My norm is usually 2+ paragraphs and I ask that you give me around the same amount, no semi-paragraphs or one liners. I can't stand those. I don't care for fancy writing or typing either. So, no colors in the posts please. I expect my partner to post at least once a week and communicate with me out of character through story collaboration and general chatting. I also wish for my partner to be okay with playing NPCs, male or female. I don't want there to be a reverse harem/ in the roleplay because that's not my goal. I will only play the female lead so I expect my partner to do the opposite, the only exceptions being with, as stated above, NPCs. Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling is expected of you. I also wish for there to be lots of details and sentence variety. I don't want to roleplay with someone who always portrays his or her character like so: He walked down the sidewalk. The sidewalk was wet from the rain. He pushed his brown hair away from his face. I can't bare it to see my partner speaking so blandly about their character and the location. That being said, I'm pretty much equal on the balance between internal and external conflict.

    I'd prefer my partner does the same because I really don't like to be left in the ditch while my partner's character is simply wondering whether or not they should trust my character or perhaps intervene on a fight. Collaboration during the plot discussion and outside of it are expected. I want my partner to contribute and help expand on world lore, throw in their own plot twists, and, being unable to stress this enough, be comfortable with a majority of the triggers I've listed, as well as be comfortable with mature themes (i.e. violence, blood, grit, rape, et cetera.). For the mature themes in particular, I really want to stick to that. So, that being said, no one under 18 for one x one. Libertine? Sure, we can discuss that, but understand that I do want our roleplay to have a recurring mature theme with more plot than anything else. Romance is a requirement for me. I want some sort of romance in it, but not as the main focus. I want the romance to pace slowly and be character development based. As Elsa from Frozen says, "You can't fall in love with someone you just met." Keep that in mind and we're good. I apologize for my lengthy request so I'll just stop here and share the fun information such as cravings, themes, and simple pairings I want to do.

    Briefly speaking, I am a very open-minded person. My favorite genres include fantasy, horror, modern, fandom, science fiction, and supernatural. I love action, drama, combat, and adventure in a roleplay. Give me anything and I'll see what I can work with, but if the genre you speak of is something other than what I list here, make sure you're knowledgeable in it. I may or may not know much about it in general, or I may not even be interested in the genre as a whole- by then, you would either have to accept my rejection or convince me with a meaningful, well-built plot. That being said, any subgenre I list down here, make sure you're knowledgeable in it. You don't have to be an expert, but understand and know enough about it to be able to help create an accurate depiction of a clean, smooth roleplay under that subgenre. Here they are:

    * = want to try out
    ** = craving

    From fantasy,

    Alternate World
    Court Intrigue**
    Modern Fantasy
    Historical Epic (fantasy)*
    Science Fantasy
    Urban Fantasy
    Sword and Sorcery
    Dark Fantasy**

    From horror,

    Body Horror*
    Gothic Horror**
    Dark Fantasy*

    From fandom,

    The Tudors**
    Lost Girl*
    The 100**
    Vampire Knight**
    Vampire Diaries**
    Being Human*
    Once Upon a Time*
    Doctor Who*
    Aegis Security Series**
    The Walking Dead

    From historical,

    Victorian Era**
    Regency Era*
    Dark Ages*
    Bronze Age*
    Edo (Tokugawa) Era
    Heian Era
    Feudal Japan*
    Medieval (Japan, Europe)**

    From science fiction,

    Time Travel*
    Space Western*
    Science Fantasy**
    Space Saga*
    Space Opera*

    Action Adventure*
    Crime Drama**

    *I'll let you know beforehand that if you want to do a slice of life theme, you better know what you're doing and have tricks up your sleeves for the majority of the time, otherwise the roleplay can become bland and not so fun anymore.

    I apologize for this long work of garbage filled with nothing but strict rules. I didn't really intend for that to happen but I kind of went on a bossy trek to let everyone know exactly what I want. Remember, 18+ only for mature themes. 16+ only for libertine with mature themes. Why do I want it like that? It's just a personal preference. I can explain further if someone 16 or older comes along and wants to know why I want it specifically done this way. Other than that, I do apologize for my complete... ugh... strict rule lecture...

    Hopefully I can attain at least one partner... TT___TT
  2. I've actually got a supernatural/paranormal plot idea in mind, involving a demon hunter/exorcist. (Originally my character is female, but I can definitely switch things around and create a male to fit the part; I actually like the idea of that!)
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  3. Great! Just checked out your writing and I most definitely approve! Let me send you a PM and we can talk! :)
  4. I would love to do a historical roleplay with you, if you will have me. I am particularly interested in one of the Japanese themes, as Japanese history is one of my passions. I would be fine with a date anywhere from the Muromachi to early Edo periods. However, the Heian period could be interesting.
  5. Great! I just checked your writing style out and approve! I'll send you a PM!
  6. Wonderful! I cannot wait to see what we can come up with.
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