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  1. I will continually add new Plot Bunnies to this to see if I can accumulate any takers for potential oneXone roleplays, and I'm always open to consider any Plot Bunnies by other users as well.

    At the moment, I only have one roleplay idea that I would like to try out, it's an old oneXone between me and one of my friends on another site, but it never got more than a couple posts in due to reality and then it was forgotten...

    Demon Hunter [OPEN]
    This roleplay takes place in a fantasy-version of medieval times and is centered around a highly exclusive guild of Demon Hunters known as Guilderday Hall. They used to only take children from Civilian homes, but required that the children had to forfeit their heritage and even their family name in order to pledge themselves completely and solely to Guilderday; the child were never older than five years old when they were taken in. But as time passed and Guilderday became a more renowned Guild, they began taking in fewer and fewer Civilian children every year, until they were almost exclusively training children borne from Guilderday members.
    Most new initiates would train at the Guilderday Academy - a large structure adjacent to the main Guild Hall - for about 16 years - until they were about 21 years old - before they became full members. Occasionally, there were a select few who completed their training early, but never before had Guilderday seen a child finish as early as two initiates in particular.
    Two young recruits who completed their training in just 13 years, at the age of 18, the youngest recruits ever to reach Graduation. The youngest ever to become full members of Guilderday. Both anxious to find out who their life-long field partner will be, neither expecting the Elder's choice. As the two rivals are teamed together. Will they be able to get along and complete their missions, or will they get each other killed?
  2. Sounds cool
  3. So, would you be interested in joining me in a roleplay about it?
Thread Status:
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