Seeking ONE on ONE RPs

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  1. Master/pet
    I prefer the being a “Pet”. Tye a young neko abandoned on the streets in 1900th England. Barely surviving living on the streets very shy and very quiet. A part of him longed to be comforted loved or cared for.

    Darkest heart
    Alexander Honorably discharged from the army due to medical reasons involved himself in a series of experiments. His experiments gave birth to the Neko Race. Living alone in the dreary town of Rhynheart just 500 miles from Transylvania. Alex lives in a castle dark alone and bored. Most nights he would just read or stare at the sky at night. Village life never intrigued him.

    I like romance and modern sci-fi. I am open to any RPs.
  2. Hmmm, I'm up for it. :D
  3. Kewl TY! Which do you prefer?
  4. Let's do the Master/Pet one. ^^

    I find it kinda interesting. :)
  5. lol Okies. So where Do I post this? (Noob) ^^