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  1. Hello one and all,

    I posted this in the New Arrivals thread but that a slightly modified version here would be a good idea.

    I am a 38 year old storyteller. I greatly enjoy creating stories with others. However, I do have a caveat. I prefer playing with other players my own age or older. And by my own age I mean 30+. We just tend to click better.

    If a story takes a romantic turn, I don't feel comfortable writing with younger authors. The characters we create don't have to be 30+, but I just feel more at ease and creative with someone who's has been around at least as long as I have.

    I am a woman, but I love writing male roles. If I write as a girl, she inevitably gets feisty, which can be fun too. I believe wholeheartedly in NPCs and frequently add them as fleshed out characters in a story. All I ask is that you not take over NPCs I have created and I will not write for your NPCs either.

    I am not a big fan of fan fiction, though I can do it if the story really captures my interest. I like paranormal and sci-fi concepts set in the future or the present. Not really into the fantasy or historical genres. I prefer werewolves to vampires and ghosts to zombies. I can play truly dark, even cruel characters with other writers I trust but prefer to play good bad boys.

    I am open to most anything if the idea is original and reasonably well written. I make mistakes and don't throw a fit if others do too, but like any aspiring author, I do appreciate the effort to respect grammar and spelling rules.

    As for posting frequency, once a day is what I can promise to deliver. Sometimes I may be able to do more than that for several days and then, due to schedules and responsibilities, will have to go back to only one post. But I will commit to being faithful to at least one post a day. It would be nice to have partners who could manage a similar schedule, but if your commitment is every other day or even only once a week, I can work with that.

    I believe I can have three stories going at a time without neglecting anyone.

    If there's anything else you need to know, just send me a message!
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  2. Hello there HummingWren, and a message should be waiting for you when you have a moment.
  3. If you're still interested, I would love to plot with you if you aren't against having a partner in their twenties.
  4. I'm twenty, almost twenty one, and I know you said 30+, but if you're open to someone my age, I'd really enjoy brainstorming an idea with you.
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