Seeking OC Drawing Request?

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  1. Basically, I am requesting a little... better art for a certain character I previously drew a very rough drawing for.

    Here is said character (open)


    I am requesting an anime-styled picture. If you question what kind of anime artstyle, I would prefer 'simplistic A-1 artstyle', preferably the variation shown in THE iDOLM@STER anime adaptation.

    Here is information about the description of said character, for easier proportions:

    150cm tall
    Androgynous in appearance and figure

    Here are certain wants and changes to the above depicted picture:

    Hair remains the same shade of blue, but is slightly longer.
    Glasses remain circular and swirly.
    A hairpin with a yellow 'P' emblem is present on YOUR right/HIS left, on his hair.
    The P emblem stays on the pocket
    The sleeves are more 'normal-sized'.
    The suit is a dark blue business suit.
    White Earmuffs are present.
    A red scarf is present
    If you have difficulty drawing fingers, white mittens would be nice. If you know how to draw fingers, white, fuzzy fingered gloves would be preferred.
    In the pose, I would like the right hand to be close to the face.

    I would like permissions to perform the following:

    Slight modifications in order to grant things such as facial expressions
  2. are you still looking into this? I might want to give it a shot for funsies.