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  1. Hi!
    So first things first, here's some basics about me:

    • I'm over 18.
    • I prefer playing the main female character, but can play any sort of supporting character if necessary.
    • I like romance in RPs, but don't like to force it. I tend to RP FxM, and can be flexible, but it all depends on the characters themselves.
    • I have a pretty demanding job so it's hard for me to post every day, but multiple times a week should be fine.
    • I like writing several meaty paragraphs and prefer partners who can do the same.
    • I really like world building and would rather have a semi-established setting (with some flexibility, of course) than going in blind.
    • Even though I'm new to the site, I've been writing/RPing for several years.
    • I really like collaborative writing! So any plots I've outlined below, for example, are totally up for adjustments.
    • I'm in this for the long game. I love long-term RPs, and I like slow buildups.

    If you'd like to know anything else about me, feel free to ask!

    I can also give out writing samples if you'd like to read them (but obviously they'd have to be from a different site, unfortunately).

    As for what I'm looking to RP, below are some plots I'm really quite keen on. I RP practically anything as long as the plot grabs my attention, so if you have any ideas that you think we could work well together on please send them my way. The only themes I'm not partial to are gore/horror/RPs that are mostly only smut with little plot. Though some smut is fine, I have no problems with writing it.

    On to the plots! These are the ones I've somewhat fleshed out:

    Some ideas (open)
    European medieval fantasy/historical fiction: Political tensions on a continent are high; all signs point to the kingdoms going to war again. Basically, one of the kingdom's princesses is almost assassinated, and this sends the kingdom into turmoil. A knight is assigned to guard her. We go from there. There can be magic involved. I'm flexible.
    Also, this trope can work in almost any setting, not just European medieval. We could do it in the modern day too as a sort of heiress/bodyguard thing.

    Film noir style mystery: A gritty detective has to work with all sorts of seedy characters to solve a mystery. The mystery can be something small, like someone high up in society is thought to be having an affair, but everything spirals out of control as the detective and their new-found partner find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. There could be some sci-fi or superpower elements involved.

    Time travel hi-jinks: Someone from the ancient past is somehow transported to the modern day! Turns out, they were sent away from their time to either stop them from interfering in key past events OR so they could fix a grave problem plaguing the future. Could be that ancient gods (Greek, Celtic, Egyptian, Sumerian, literally whatever) are involved.
    Can also work in reverse (present-day person sent to the past), or we could possibly play with the idea of reincarnations.

    Other themes I like (open)
    Georgian or Victorian paranormal
    Demon hunters (possibly a demon hunter and a demon having to work together?)
    Anything with demons, angels, gods, or witches
    Anything European medieval
    Historical Fiction (with a good amount of historical accuracy)
    Anything with folklore

    Basically, as long as the characters are compelling, I will be happy as a clam C:

    Fandoms I'd like to RP (open)
    I would prefer to play OCs and use the pre-established worlds as 'scaffolding'

    Dragon Age
    Mass Effect
    Harry Potter
    Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell
    Star Wars
    Red Dead Redemption
    Fire Emblem
    Avatar the last Airbender
    Assassin's Creed

    I'll edit this if I think of any more. Thanks so much for reading through all of this, haha. PM or post here if you're interested.

    Edit: Closed for now!
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  2. I would love to RP with you! I'm up for Star Wars, Assassins Creed, Avatar ^_^
  3. Dragon Age! I'd love to do that, or your Knight/Princess pairing. Let me know which interests you more.
  4. Great! I will PM you both later today. Thanks so much for your interest :)!
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