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Modern (slice of life)
For a while I have been deeply into group roleplays but due to this many of the 1x1 roleplays I have had gone unanswered (not on my end) and have been forced into the graveyard at a young age. Since life has gotten in the way, as often times it does, my group roleplays have slowed down as well to a halt. So, without further adue, here is what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a partner who can post as much as I can in length or more, about 3 or more full paragraphs. One who can do mostly MxM and MxF. I was never good at FxF so please don't ask. I don't mind much about the quickness of replies as long as I get them. I'm more than willing to keep an rp going or to change one up if need be to keep it alive. I would love to stay in touch with my potential partner even after the rp ends, unless we fall into unspeakable grounds after the rp.

Now, I have a few ideas, almost all of which can be switched up or added together. They can be moved and stretched and fixed if need be. I am always open to new ideas so if when reading this and looking at my writing style on my Resume, you feel like one of your ideas would fit, shoot me a pm! I will allow multiple partners on every idea, since everyone writes differently.

  1. Royal Romance: A royal queen is waiting for her rights to her kingdom. But she must find a husband in order to do so of a higher species. The queen is human and in order to keep her kingdom in check she must marry a suitor of magical traits. Through all of the suitors who tend to her every wim and take her out on romantic dates supernatural. But her feelings are not for a magical prince, but a servant who takes care of her. Will she gain his love in return or be forced to marry in a loveless relationship? (This can be a MxM as well as MxF)
  2. Love is my Savior: The underworld is home to some of the roughest and most vicious demons alive. A certain place suits their sadist pleasures, a place known as Vyarden Vale. A few hundred years ago there was a war that left heaven and earth in ruins. Lucifer made a deal that to please his children an angel must be sent down into Vyarden Vale as a sacrifice for show. The angel went through torture unimaginable to the heavens. This must be done every month or Lucifer will destroy heaven and the land between.

    It has been a hundred years, earth and the humans have relived and prospered. Angels were still being sent to get slaughtered.

    An angel was chosen to be sacrificed. Demons all over the underworld came to watch the spectacle. However one demon came without the knowledge that he would fall in love with the angel and do whatever he could to help her escape even if they had to hide in the mortal world.

  3. Assassin's Mark: Throughout the years women have been many things, chefs, forgers of steel, and birthing. But never assassin's. The most wanted assassin on earth is not what many expect to be. For years assassin's were men, the brotherhood was patriarchal. Men killed, and men trained others. This never changed until Evangeline Firenze or better known as "Sparrow".

    For two hundred years a kingdom from Spain took over the world. Killed all but one assassin who escaped with his daughter. In order to save her he had no choice but to train her. Imbed her with all of the powers of assassins before her in order to destroy the Gavior Empire.

    To this day the Gavior Empire is slowly falling to pieces in Around the world. The daughter as the lead, training male assassins under the name of her father. Known only as "Sparrow" no one has been able to catch her. But one has fallen in love with the killer. With how she killed. A soldier fighting against rebelliousness. Against the brotherhood in which he has grown infatuation and lust for the leader. Always believing the leader was female.

    (Your character is in love with mine. Fascinated by how mine kills, etc. you are a soldier of the Gavior empire, you are free to change the name of the empire if you wish. Find a way to capture the leader and make her love you.

    The catch. You have been promised by the kings that if the leader of the brotherhood is caught you will become a lord. All the power is yours. You love power and want revenge for your family being slaughtered by assassin's and being lord is how to get the sweet revenge.

    The choice is yours. You can capture her and make her love you, or turn her in and become lord to kill her and the assassins to have the world)
  4. Secrets of Investigation: For centuries Supernatural creatures have been used for sex, slavery, trafficking and other forms of illegal splendor. Today laws have been placed to ban all forms of illegal actions. Under one condition, the creature must be legalized with a permit like a drivers license to be protected under law. Without the permit, illegal issues involved with the creature are not protected and the government will not take action. A special division of humans have worked to protect supernaturals protected or not. A division which works in the murder and missing cases of magical creatures. A male human has been working under the division for years. Partnered with a human holding a secret. This human is a magical creature themselves. Not permitted and hiding. When a missing supernatural begins under way, both partners discover secrets about the other. One secret which could destroy or enhance a feeling the partners have never felt for each other.
  5. Till death Do us Part: Rituals have been placed to mourn the dead. But what if one ritual done by elves actually brought Death to their doorstep? A few thousand years ahead a creature will loose a loved one (partner, family member etc) and bring upon evil magic to get their partner back. They had an entire city killed in order to complete the ritual. But something went wrong and they brought Death instead. In full power and hidden in a form most human like. Surviving off killing and blood like a vampire, death has no enemies. Complete with emotions stronger than that of a humans. (Your character can be any magical creature, royal or not they use death as a weapon by offering blood of another. It can be your choice to have your character fall in love with mine or send Mine back out of human form. Can be MxM or MxF)

Have any other ideas? Shoot me a pm.

I look forward to roleplaying with you.
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