seeking many new rp partners

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Hey everyone!! I'm back again and looking for some more 1x1 rp partners XD
I'm a girl and can only play female characters so please be able to play males as I only do straight pairings since that's what I'm comfortable with.
My computer is throwing a fit and I had to send it away to get fixed so my replies may be slightly shorter than they should be since I can't tell how long they are on my phone but I promise I still respond frequently and my replies are anywhere from one paragraph to four, depending on what I'm given to work with.

Pairings & plots I do but not limited to:

criminal x normal person / cop
shifter x supernatural hunter
mermaid x human
teeenage pregnancy
shy girl x bad boy
famous person x normal person
pirate x pirate / stowaway
dragon x human
forbidden love
rp as animals
elf x vampire / werewolf / human
centuar x human / other supernatural
ghost x human


1 ~~ Supernaturals tend to always hide from people since in the past, interactions between the two never went well. But what'll happen when a girl heads out to the middle of nowhere to spend some time alone? Where she goes is where the supernaturals thrive. Normally the magic that's wound around supernaturals keeps them hidden from human eyes. However, the thing is, the girl isn't human. As a baby, she was lost and humans found her, took her in, and raised her. She always thought of herself as human. Until now that is. Now she has to cope with the fact that she isn't human and try to stop an attack most supernaturals are planning on the humans as revenge for past wrongs. But she's not alone. She's made a few new friends who'll help along with a guy she's starting to fall for even though she doesn't want to be falling for him since he's nothing like the guy she imagined falling for. But when it comes to the matters of the heart, one has no choice on who they fall for.

(I'll add more plots later)
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