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  1. (Still Open)
    I love the lore in Vampire Diaries and what I'm looking for is a taste of 50 Shades of Grey in the mix. This is a serious role-play and I refuse to RP with anyone who isn't respectful with my guidelines. I'm a down to earth person and I'm very open minded so please pm your thoughts for I'm dying to start this ^_-

    Rules and What I Require

    • Full Character Bio With Pictures
    • Respect all Iwaku rules
    • Mature RP
    • Romance involved
    • I RP females ONLY.
    • Modern Era
    • Hate Horror and Hate Brutal Torture
    • Advance Para Post
    • I'm a daily poster but I understand that IRL is priority. I do expect at least once a week post. If you can please let me know if any later.
    • We can talk about plots/characters in a pm if interested

    Think that covers the basics for now. Looking forward to plotting with you ^_^
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  2. I played in that universe once... Drop me a PM of its still open?
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