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  1. Hello! I'm looking for some rp partners. I'm looking for some people to play the male characters, I do have some plot idea in mind. I'm keeping this really short and simple go ahead and send me a message asking about my plots. I normally will post 2-3 paragraphs and I would hope you to do the same. I'm new to Iwaku but I have been roleplaying for many years.
  2. Would like to hear the plots you had in mind.
  3. Brothel Girl x Mysterious Traveler - All she wants in the world is freedom for her and her animal spirit, she is stuck working in the brothel and unknowingly signed a contract that says if she wants her freedom back someone has to buy it for her. One night she's working and an interesting character, with an even more interesting spirit animal, walks through the doors of the brothel. He doesn't seem to know that he has stumbled into one, possibly mistaking it for a bar. He looks around slightly confused at all the women and men in the room and goes over to the bar. She begins to serve him his drinks and answers his questions about the place he is in. He takes advantage of the situation and requests her "services", she agrees and takes him to the room. After everything is over he starts to feel sympathy for her, she has no choice when there is money involved. After talking for a while she opens up to him about wanting freedom. So they devise a plan for her to escape with him so she can be free. Only it's not so easy. The owner furious at them leaving hires people from his past and her past to track them down and bring them both back.

    Supernatural being x Supernatural Hunter - He/She was on a mission sent by his/her order. He/She knew it was a bit out of their league, but he/she wanted to prove themselves. They end up nearly getting killed on the mission and they lay dying in the middle of a forest with no help for miles. He/She is a supernatural being, they had seen and heard a hunter nearby and wanted to stay clear of them and hurry home as soon as possible. On their way home they stumble upon the injured hunter and against everything they had been taught the supernatural creature take the injured hunter home and helps heal the hunter. Now the hunter has to decide whether to kill the creature like they were taught or protect the creature with their life.

    Powers x Powers - Powers have always existed throughout time, most people only believe it to be fairy tale nonsense though. When the government learned the existence of powers they formed a secret agency devoted to capturing those who had powers. The Mystics as they were called, were of ancient decent from people who had unusual powers or abilities. Some as drastic as wielding the elements. Others as simple as being a genius at the age of 5. The government wanted to create new Mystics to work for them to make them supreme rulers, the only way to do that was to capture, and dissect Mystics to see how they tick and then try to extract their powers. Now the government is after two Mystics who have come into the light. They have the choice of running away separately or standing up and fighting back together.

    These are the ones I have plots to, but i have ideas like a God x Human, Witch x Shapeshifter/Familiar, Alpha x Omega, and a more complicated one that would have the participants playing two characters Girlfriend 1 x (Boyfriend 1 x Girlfriend 2) x Boyfriend 2

  4. I like your powers x powers idea. :D

    What kind of limit would there be to the character(s) powers? Obviously I wouldn't do anything ridiculous, but I'm curious as to the extent you'd prefer it to go to. Also, did you already have a character in mind for that one, or is that something you were going to decide depending on the other person's character? :o
  5. Well i've done it before where my character had three powers and they were Ability to Talk to Animals, shape shifting into animals she's touched, and she could manifest objects for a short time. So they were strong powers I just put limits on them.
  6. That makes sense. Limits are just as important to a character as abilities are, I suppose!

    So are you still interesting in doing that one then? 'Cause I've already got some ideas swirlin' 'round in this noggin. :D
  7. Haha sure, sounds like a plan to me! Would you like to do this in a thread or over pm?
  8. PMs should work just fine! I'll go ahead and start a convo.
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