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  1. Some of these ideas I wouldn't mind doing in a group to add to the drama and what not, so if you're interested in that then you'll find this post there as well. Please feel free to correct me or pass along a suggestion if I'm doing something wrong. It's been a while since I've been on this site :( I look forward to hearing from y'all!

    Pairings [All MxF]

    • Vampire x Human
    • Vampire x Vampire
    • Vampire x Half-Breed Vampire
    • Vampire x Neko
    • Vampire x Werewolf
    • Human x Werewolf
    • Human x Neko
    • New Student x Teacher
    • New Student x Student

    **Werewolf Type -> Shape shifts into an actual wolf, just a larger size. As good as Underworld was, their lycans aren't really my taste lol**

    Plots So Far...

    Vampire Student x Werewolf Teacher
    Vampire Student x Werewolf Student

    A young female vampire, still in the age before her transition, and her family move to a small town in the US after their lack of ageing was being questioned elsewhere. In the tradition of their coven, every vampire that goes through his/her transition must offer the heart of their first werewolf kill at midnight on their 18th birthday. Not having gone through her transition yet, the young vampire doesn't suffer the curse of the blood lust or fatal effects of the sun, but enjoys the perks of having fangs and other delights of her kind. She enjoys her last year and a half of human high school, keeping to herself for obvious reasons, and cherishes the companionship of her cat Boo as well as her family.

    As her own family moves around, so does the family of a long-time friend of her father's purposely in hopes of setting her up with their son of the same age but a few months older. Both attend the new high school transferring in during the spring semester of their junior year. As far as these two families know, the territory is unclaimed by both vampire and werewolf kinds alike. If that were the truth though, then this love story wouldn't be any fun now would it?

    **I prefer for the Male to be a werewolf teacher in his early 30s? I'm definitely flexible with this though.**

    Vampire x Vampire
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Werewolf

    A young vampire of the very few remaining royal blood lines has been arranged to marry a member of an allied coven, also a royal family, in an attempt to help the race come together and thrive once again after being hunted down for so many centuries by both humans and supernatural creatures alike. On the eve of his/her 21st birthday the ceremony will take place. Being only 19 the young vampire still has time to enjoy the night life as a human teenager would before taking on the responsibilities of being a role model for the race for life.

    After his/her transition the previous year, the vampire has well-adjusted to the restrictions that is placed on his/her kind when reaching 18, but controlling the blood lust hasn't gotten any easier. Regardless, he/she has accepted his/her fate placed upon him/her by the families to marry someone he/she knows nothing about, much less someone that he/she loves. He/she doubts that the opportunity of love will ever come to his/her door step, and with that he/she bites his/her tongue and enjoys the solo life that he/she has left.

    **So obviously I'm happy to play either parts of being this poor vampire girl or a normal human/vampire girl. How their stories collide is totally up to you!**


    Really this could go with any pair.

    After losing her fiancé to murder by her possessively crazy ex, a young neko bares the scare of a clipped ear as she appears in a small town as far east as possible along the ocean. All she wants to do is live out the rest of her life in peace even though it meant leaving her family and friends to keep them out of danger if they didn't know where she was. Constantly blaming herself for her fiancé's death just days before the ceremony, she keeps to herself mostly except for befriending the local female tailor. Will she slip up and help him find her without realizing it before it's too late? Did she run far enough? Will she find someone to protect her…

    **So yeah this one is pretty flexible between any pairing and I'm not picky about which it is.**
  2. You've got some nice ideas here. I've been wanting to flex my werewolf guys for a while, so I would be down for playing one of them with you. Any of these stories your leaning more towards? I'm not so much into any teacher X student right now. I have to say I'm liking the neko one and the vampire's arranged marriage. :)
  3. Yeah I'm most pleased with the arranged marriage one, so much drama to be had! I'd love to get with you on starting one.
  4. Sounds great to me! If you want to do the arranged marriage, we can start right away :) do you want to set the tone and make first post?
  5. Sorry about the absence I got sick last Thursday and I'm finally not sleeping 70% of the day...Is there anything to know about the characters or do we just go with it?
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