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  1. Hello. I'm relatively new to this site (and still figuring out how it's organized and such). I'm interested in joining an RP, preferably with a group of around 2-5 people who'd be willing to RP various plots for a long time (like "story arcs" pretty much).
    I think it'll help if I list things I like and prefer to do (and what I don't) in RPs (it would also help to check out my full "resume" as it's called):
    • A "ragtag group of misfits" group of characters
    • Fantasy/High Fantasy
    • High tech
    • Magic
    • Special powers (This is very general/broad, special powers could pretty much include things like psychic powers, superpowers, etc.)
    • Plenty of interaction between the characters/RP'ers, good dialogue in general
    • "Modern era but with magic/tech/powers" settings
    • Adventure and Journey style RPs
    • Actual character development
    • Humor
    • Romance/smut is fine I guess, but it has to help with character development if you want to do it
    • Original content (original settings, places, characters, things like that)
    • Post length: I don't mind one liners or short posts/chat style typing, that's fine as long as it isn't incoherent. Expect to see short posts (and done in a chat style/real time style) from me often
    • A mix of all of the above (an example of my favorite kind of plot/setting is a modern era with magic, fantasy, powers and high tech elements with plenty of character development and dialogue, with a ragtag bunch of misfits on some journey to defeat an evil character or find some long lost treasure)
    And now, for the stuff I don't like:
    • Generic "Edgy" angsty type posts and characters
    • Poor grammar, spelling and punctuation (occasional slip-ups are fine, we all make mistakes)
    • "Fandom" style RPs (as in, RPs based on existing characters/plots/franchises). I prefer to come up with original ideas and join original creations
    And that's about it, really.
    Hope I didn't mess anything up..
  2. Would an Arc-based Crossover RP be too fandomy? It is the only RP of mine I truly consider long-running.

    Anyways, here's Legacy of Typhon. It is Part 0 of my little seris, the Princess Cronus Series. I thought it would be logical to throw a prequel in first.

    OPEN SIGNUPS - Legacy of Typhon |

    Here's my other gig. I guess it is intended to be kinda long.

    OPEN SIGNUPS - The Hero Club's Misadventures!| 勇者部の災難! | Yuushabu no Sainan! | Out of Character |
  3. I should have included Crossovers as "fandom-y", since they technically combine two of pre-existing source material.
    Sorry if it seems I have high standards, but having been used to RP'ing with a close group with the attributes described in the OP for quite a few years does that to you..
  4. Would you be chill with mythology-based RPs as long as they are as far away from Percy Jackson as possible?
  5. We seem to have similar taste. I'm not super active (I write irl too so this is kind of a fun way of getting daily practice in) but I like running long stories with the same characters. If you get a group together here let me know.
  6. I'd be interested to join anything you do. Just message me if you get anything going!
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