Seeking literate roleplayers for amazing plots!!!

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  1. Hey guys!!!! So the names Delinquent and I am not new to this whole role playing world! Been role playing for eight years now and I love what I do! I consider myself to be an extremely twisted, and dark role player that just happens to love some romance! I am seeking some long term role playing buddies for some amazing plots that I am just dying to try out! I'll list a few of them here and if any of them interest you please let me know!! Keep in mind that any plots can be MXF, FXF, MXM
  2. Depending on the plot (there are no plots at the moment) I might be interested, pm me :)
  3. I'm rather interested to hear some of your plots :) Pm me if you're still looking.
  4. Same, let me know plots. I prefer playing only mxm but not constant smut stuff.
  5. Pm me if you are still looking, I've been looking for some twisted roleplayers forever~
  6. The title really did catch my eye, I'd definitely be interested as well.
  7. Quite popular here you got my attention.
  8. I would change your title before a staff member, especially Diana, catches wind of it. Diana really dislikes the usage of "literate" when it comes to finding partners or describing role-play ideas. The fact they haven't said anything yet is really surprising, but I thought I'd let you know before someone else does.
  9. On another note, feel free to send me any ideas, pairings, ect. That you may have via pm~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.