Seeking Literate Males - Entice me? ;]



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Before we begin...
Hey there, I'm Alex! I want to male some friends and RP over PMs with literate male partners who will keep in touch and add to the plot. We can chat over PMs, MSN or Skype if you wish. Hope to hear from you soon! :]

Rules + About Me
Please type 2 paragraphs a post and 4 for an introduction; more is up to you. Be descriptive and use acceptable grammar and spelling (mistakes happen). Give me something to imagine!
2. Try to reply every day or two. Simply tell me if you become busy or bored, don't just disappear. Long term is preferable but I'll gladly start a new RP with you if we hit a wall.
3. I enjoy dark/mature themes (sex, violence, mild abuse, non-con), drama, intrigue, romance, power struggles and complicated relationships. However, no teen characters, anime or hard fetishes.
4. For historic RPs with or without fantasy, please stay in context. For fandoms I use OC's, AU's so we can make changes to the canons/story/world for more freedom.

Send me a PM with your likes and dislikes (genres, characters), what you want to RP, and a writing sample if possible. Feel free to PM me questions too!

Roleplays + Cravings:
I'm craving Dragon Age 2 RPs set in an AU. I'll pair my Fem Hawke or OC with Fenris, the Arishok or Anders.

Let's try my ideas or make up something new. Also, if an RP you want isn't here, just ask.
Craving + Currently RPing

Modern - Post Modern
Superhero x Villain, Monster Hunter x Hunter, Witch x Wizard, Assassin x Target, Shape Shifter x Human, Vampire x Human, Vampire x Hunter, Angel x Human, Demon x Human, Death x Human, Werewolf x Human, Werewolf x FBI Agent, Succubus/Incubus x Human, Adventurer x Companion or Rival, Android x Human

Early Modern era - Victorian era:
Noble x Noble, Union soldier x Southern Lady, Nobleman x Servant, Archaeologist x Guide, Nobleman x Commoner, English woman x Cowboy, Native x Colonist, Pirate x Captive, Pirate x Naval Officer, Scientist x Wild Man

Middle Ages - Renaissance:
Black knight x White knight, Slave x Master, Dragon x Human, Noble x Noble, Drow Elf x Human, High Elf x Human, Apostate x Templar, Qunari x Human, Dalish elf x Human, Fem Hawke x OC, Fem Hawke x Fenris/ the Arishok/ Anders, Mercenary x Noblewoman, Mermaid x Human, Selkie x Human, King x Queen, Barbarian x Noblewoman, Princess x Servant, Princess x Assassin, Princess x Prince, Princess x Knight, Knight x Sorceress, Assassin x Rival, Ronin x Assassin, Samurai x Noblewoman, Thief x Priestess, Beast x Peasant woman, Witch x Demon, Dragon rider x Rival, Viking x Huntress, Assassin x Guard Captain, Blood Elf x Night Elf, Worgen x Death Knight

God x Priestess, Roman General x Slave, Centaur x Human, Roman General x Noblewoman, Gladiator x Noblewoman, Noble x Slave, Gladiator x Slave, Assassin x Senator, Centurion x Nymph, Spartan Prince x Trojan Princess

Constantine, Harry Potter, Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed, Lord of the Rings, Troy, Spartacus, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Beowulf, Interview with the Vampire, True Blood, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, Chronicles of Riddick, Conan the Barbarian, Silent Hill, House of Flying Daggers, Dragon Age 2.

Genres, ETC:
Twisted fairy tales and Disney movies, fantasy, modern era, crusades, witches, the Wild West, arranged marriages, colonial America, assassins, Renaissance, Middle ages, ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, Feudal Japan, Yuan-Qing Dynasties of China, Arthurian Britain, Victorian era, Tudor era, vikings, royalty, nobility, mythical and supernatural creatures, gods/goddesses.