Seeking Jack Frost for a RotG rp

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  1. Hey everyone. I'm searching for someone who is a high causual to advanced rper to play Jack Frost in a Rise of the Guardians rp. The other Guardians will be in the rp as well, so we'll probably split them up to play. My own main character will be a human OC. I have quite a few ideas and options and so I won't go into detail here over the thread, so if you are interested you should PM me. Before you PM me though, make sure you read my rules and it would also be good if I've never rped with you before to send me a sample post (this can be from an old rp or just one you cook up on the fly.

    Without further adieu, here's my rules:

    -I prefer partners to post at least once every few days (though more is preferred) unless I am other wise told about a trip you are taking, work, or school. In other words, a valid reason.

    -You must post at least three paragraphs per character, though more is preferred.

    -Please have good grammar. This will be high causal to advanced, so you know how you should be as far as grammar.

    -If I don't think you can handle the grammar and length requirements, I'm not afraid to turn you down, so if I look up your posts from other rps you better give me a good excuse as to why they aren't up to advanced par or I might just turn you down.

    -I may add more rules as time goes on. We'll see.

    Now, if I haven't scared you off yet, please PM me with your interest :3
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