Seeking help to track down childhood game.

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  1. So as a kid, I used to have this old collection of games for the PC.

    It came with four games. Two of them I can't remember, but one of them was "Nicktoons Basketball". It wasn't a registered Nickelodeon product, but the game was on there anyways. But the game I'm looking for today, is the game I invested the most amount of time in.

    I can't remember the name, but it was a game in which to took on the role of a giant monster rampaging a city. It started off in a sort of classic movie theatre, with each of the characters displayed on a film poster. Each poster was similar to that of a B-Horror film.

    The three playable characters (there might've been more, but I only remember 3) were all homages of famous giant monsters. One was a Giant Green Lizard (Godzilla-homage), one was a Giant Cyborg Brain in a jar with Robotic Appendages (Couldn't remember what this was paying homage to, but I assume it was just the Alien Invader type of B-Horror), and a Gigantic Radioactive Woman (50-Foot Woman homage).

    The game objective was to destroy everything. At the beginning of each level, you're given a location (the first stage was Isolated Desert Town, the second was City). After you've destroyed everything in the town/city/base, you advance to the next level.

    You could use different attacks: a special beam attack (Lizard used Fire Breath, Brain used Psychic Beam, Giant Woman used Eye Lasers), a grab attack (to pick up buildings/vehicles to throw, and people for consumption/throwing), and an array of physical moves such as punches and kicks.

    I can't for the love of me remember this game, but I would love to find its name and one day reunite with it. If anybody knows what the hell I'm talking about, please help. Even if you're pitching a random game you know that has similar mechanics, that would be appreciated.

    Post below or PM me if you have a suggestion or an answer for my search. Thanks!
  2. The closest thing I can think of is a series called Rampage. I know of two games for it, Rampage and Rampage 2: Universal Tour. The goal was to destroy every building and kill as many people as possible, and one of the characters was a lizard. There were a variety of levels, including cities and deserts but I don't believe they were in that order. I never played a computer port of it, maybe your version was different.
  3. I'm familiar with Rampage. But I know that isn't the game, unfortunately. Thanks for trying, I appreciate it ^^

    It was a 3D game, if that helps.
  4. I'm really not finding all that much. The first game you mentioned was in a couple of four-packs but these things were all nickelodeon themed and didn't contain anything like you mentioned... Are you sure these games came packaged together; maybe you just received them together?
    ...I really don't know how else to help, that giant woman one is really stumping me.
    Looking around, i see War of the Monsters, released about the same time. It has that brain thing you mentioned.
    King of the Monsters is a poor fit, but an option.
  5. Positive. Its weird because the game is so familiar to me. I can visualize it in my mind.

    Maybe it was liscenced by Nickelodeon, but I can't remember. All I know is that it had those two games on it with two others.

    I'll look into both of those and see what's up.
  6. I exhausted the paths I found relating to pre-packaged games still on the market or on ebay, and I checked out the companies that produced them and had the rights, little seemed to be connected in that way... I didn't touch too much on things directly related to nickelodeon because they didn't have too much on the PC pre 2004-5, and the little there was didn't seem related to giant monsters... Well, that's what I looked at, sorry I couldn't be of more help. Only so much I can do without seeing the same things you're seeing in your mind. D:
  7. Giant green lizard...was it lime green? Cause it mighta had to do with Rugrats.
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