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  1. Oh my, I have not done one of those in a long while!

    This is Lady Godiva, Archaeologist and Masters student. That means my time is limited sometimes and creativity a way to express myself. I need to keep this short and sweet, so there we go:

    The basics​

    • Writing well is not measured just by a word count. If you can express human emotions and develop a character with 15 lines per post or 10, be my guest.
    • I love realism, even in Fantasy settings. Cliché, sugar coated situations tend to bore me.

    • I like brainstorming so much. Sometimes it takes me days of rambling! Changing the story is by no means a no no.
    • Tell me if you do not like a story! I never, ever mind. Promise.
    • MXF is what I do, playing both men and women. Right now however, I am more interested in playing a lady.
    • Please be over 18. I do not go into detail, but mature situations will arise.

    What I love
    • Realistic, human, faulted characters. No perfection please!
    • Creativity and willingness to discuss.
    • Historical settings with some degree of freedom.
    • Modern settings with a plethora of themes.
    • Fantasy, leaning less towards the high end of the spectre.
    • Relationships, struggles, politics, grey morals, all the good stuff.
    • Fandom is something I only do with GoT and the Knick.

    Thanks for reading all this!
    Pm me to get this started!
  2. This is Roose Hurro, Loveable Curmudgeon and Grocery Cashier. That means I'm old and stubborn but friendly, and I have really strong arms. So, Onward:

    I specialize in alien/fantasy "critters"... non-human, non-humanoid beings. I have no problem with your "specs" because I also like to brainstorm, communicate and stick with M/F relationships. As for being over 18... I was that old when Regan became President, so age won't be an issue

    I like realism, though "human" is not what I do. Still, I'm all into faults and imperfections... very fun to play with. Anything from a critter easily distracted by shinies to a critter with a fear of water, because his biodensity means he sinks like a stone. Heh... I also have a "dragon" alien with wings who suffers from vertigo. Who knew? And yes, more stuff like that and not like that. Not into fandoms, though I have RPed some of my characters in the Star Wars and Farscape universes. As for the rest? Great. Though "historical" might be a bit difficult. Unless there is time travel or some alter-history involved.

  3. PM me please!
  4. One more spot.

    Due to a busy scedule, I forgot about the latest PMs I recieved. Please remind me!
  5. Looking for a Game of Thrones RP!
  6. Still looking!
  7. Is there anything you are currently craving?
  8. Prefferably Game of Thrones.
  9. Still looking for Game of Thrones!
  10. Open still!
  11. Trying once more!
  12. One final try before finals! :)
  13. I come this day before you to seek a historical plot taking place during the American Civil War, or a Game of Thrones inspired tale.
  14. Still looking, one spot available.
  15. Still looking, one avaikable place!
  16. One more place. Feel free to hit me about your own ideas!
  17. Still looking, one available place!
  18. Are you still looking for a GoT plot?
  19. Someone who does historical and historical fantasy!!! I would beyond so love to write with you!
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