Seeking Forum Maintenance Volunteers!

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  1. Attention Members!

    We are currently severely understaffed when it comes to basic forum maintenance. There are just too many daily roleplay posts for the team to keep up with on a regular basis! Administration are currently looking for volunteer members who spend A LOT of time in the roleplay forums, enjoy busy work, and have a few minutes to spare every day to help do maintenance modding.

    This is not a staff position, but rather mod controls for basic maintenance of a single roleplay section.

    The job entails:

    • Moving threads to the correct forum if they are misplaced. (For examples, Request threads in Fantasy, or Signup threads in Jump Ins.)
    • Archiving roleplay threads that have been dead for 4 weeks and making sure their Signup/OOC goes with them.
    • Keeping an eye out for smutting where and with whom it doesn't belong. Making sure it's moved, or rule breaching content is reported to staff.
    • Deleting out-of-character spam posts from in-character roleplay threads (or moving them and creating a thread for the plays in the case of Jump Ins)
    • Reporting abusive roleplayers, or members breaking site policies.

    We are specifically looking for addicted roleplayers with extra time, who are responsible and consistent! You'll be getting access to a Volunteers forum where we'll teach you how to use the controls and the proper methods of modding.

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