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  1. Hi to the people/s who are reading this,

    I'm looking for anyone who'd love to do a romance role play with me. After watching a bunch of drama movies with my brothers, [ was forced to ] i began having a ' thing ' with romance role plays [ because of my brother ] and actually got desperate to maybe do one with someone here. Any type of romance would be alright for me, may it be Male X Male, Female X Female or the regular Male X Female.

    To be honest i'm used to role playing as a girl, i could try acting as a guy but i'm not saying i'll be great at it. I might even end up making him a douche. So it might be best if i would looks for a male role player. But if you really want to role play yet as a girl i could put up with that.

    I have some examples of role play partner list like the following ; [ check list time<3 ]

    [/] Delinquent X Student Council President
    [/] Poor X Wealthy
    [/] Country Person X City Person
    [/] Forbidden Romance
    [/] Enemies Romance
    [/] Best Friend Romance
    [/] Childhood Friend Romance
    [/] Goody-Two-shoes Person X Mean-Arrogant Person
    [/] Etc

    Sorry for the small checklist since i was from a hiatus moment so my mind isn't functioning well [ lolwhut? ] and i went from Math Class, why is there too many numbers! Yes, i'm spending my summer vacation for studying </3 [ blame my parents ] but it did help me improve, only thing is my head hurts so much </3 Anyway, i have some ideas in mind if you want to hear it, but if you have you're own ideas then i don't mind hearing it from you. But if you want to mix our ideas together i don't mind at all, it might end up interesting anyway.

    Hopefully someone would role play with me since im kind of bored
    [ desperate ] right now. :''''3 Crai. Anyway. Byebye~
  2. Oh! I could roleplay! I'm really liking the Best Friend Romance, Delinquent X Student Council President, Enemies Romance, and Forbidden Romance! Truthfully, hehe, I like them all! I'm okay with doing any pairing, really. I could play the male or the female!
  3. lil-gh0sties , Actually i would prefer making you do the role that makes you comfortable, so you pick either boy or girl. And sure, i'd love to role play with you :''3 And sure, wow that's a lot. o w o Anyway i'm good with any since i have a plot with them :''3 You take your pick on what role play you'd most think is interesting and fun ^^
  4. I'd love to roleplay with you, I love romance, love teacher x student, good girl x bad boy, stuff like that. Yes basically forbidden romance is awesome. I'm a girl but I love playing guys. I'd be more then happy to join you.
  5. I'm stronger with my male characters, but I can switch around easily! No problem there.

  6. Then i'll be the female if you don't mind. Actually i have already planned a story for them Delinquent X Student Council President , Enemies Romance , Best Friend Romance so you could chose any of the following, unless you want to hear the story first. If you want to add anything you could tell me since i typed this at night. Yeap, it's night time here, so i'm sorry for the typos and wrong grammars.

    Reyton High School Academy was just like any ordinary school, they had teachers, clubs, school activities and of course the Student Council. Although like other schools there was a dark side to it, someone strong who could either protect other students or actually harm them in their case, mostly called as delinquents. And in this new year, that might all even change. After the meeting that the Student Council had, they discussed about the up coming field trip to the mountains of **** [ couldn't think of a name yet ] , after a few days of staying there, would there lives change after that 3 day outing? Once they get back to the Academy, maybe something much more could happen. Will it be a good relationship? Or a bad one.

    In every lifetime there would be a family, friends, classmates and childhood friends. And something else called ' enemies '. Most people would fight over others, maybe increasing jealousy of themselves, spreading around rumors about them or actually just compete with each other to know who's better. Clearly some competitions would end up with a draw, a win, a lose or actually something much more. A realization. Something that you felt that should never had happen, or maybe something that you'd regret telling anyone. After all, you are nothing but enemies. Right?

    " Promise! " Childhood would always have a promise, may it be to promise to meet each other again, pass each others ways or to be friends forever. Some believed Promises were meant to be broken, well at least only some says it. What if you're promise was actually meant to be kept. You can be nothing more but close friends and almost everyone knew that. Until a small feeling inside had grew much stronger. Of course they couldn't tell the person they kept promise with since it would either end their promise of being friends, well if you're lucky they would accept it. Hardships was coming to this person's way. Will they be able to say their true feelings? Or actually run away and let them be with someone else?

  7. Sure, i'd love to role play with you. I have few ideas that you could choose from but one question, if you're much more comfortable role playing as a girl i could role play as a guy. I want the person who i'm role playing comfortable with the kind of character they want so they won't get bored easily and would have them a better time to reply back :3 If you're much more comfortable with role playing as a guy then i'll be role playing as a girl, unless you're comfortable with a girl then ill be a guy, vice versa.

    Here is some examples from the stories i made in the role play, then again sorry for the typos and wrong grammars since i was typing at night, Good Girl X Bad Boy , Teacher X Student . In forbidden romance i have some stories but you can tell me if you wanted one type of forbidden romance then i'll place a story line here.

    Ohsaka a normal high school academy in where students live to learn and learn to live. Everything that ' he ' did was fight, life was nothing to he until she enrolled on that school. It was different , no one knew who he really was, no one got into his dark side until he undergo into a fight, once again and change his reputation, but he was used to it. That's when everything change. Everyone now thought of him as a delinquent, some even judge him by looks but he didn't mind, sometimes he'd skip classes and didn't care. Maybe this time things would change. Well that's what he hoped.

    A new student was transferred and rumors spread, it was a girl. She was very formal and helpful with others, never did she believe in rumors. Like others she had high grades and never skipped a class until it was necessary. Until she heard about a student who mostly skips the entire class. Her interest grew more and wanted to talk to this person. Will this go as planned? Or will it end up badly?

    A new rumor was spreading along the school, it was said a new teacher was coming, they said the teacher was both nice, kind yet had a side where they had to get responsible for the class. It was spreading so fast almost every student knew who it was. Then there was a student, different from the others. Just a plain ordinary student who doesn't believe anything in fairy tales. Until this certain student developed feelings for someone step by step, it disgust the student yet was certainly glad to fall in love with them. What's the terrible thing you ask? It was the teacher!
  8. Wow that really sounds awesome. I'm still a bit new to forum roleplaying, so you may have to be a bit patient with me xD. I've always been a chat girl.

    As for characters, sometimes I feel more comfortable acting out a guy then a girl. If you wouldn't mind. ^^ also, I think it'd be cool to try out the student x teacher. Its fun to see where different people go with the same basic idea. I'll be a male teacher if that works. ^^

  9. Alright then, nah it's okay, i am patient. I don't mind if it will take you long to reply, as long as you will reply soon i'm good with it. I'll be the student then, i'll just place the role play thread. Here's the thread url, i was kind of in a hurry since i was gonna leave with my brothers. Sorry about that.